Can I Use Someone Else’s Bank Account for DoorDash

Can I Use Someone Else’s Bank Account for DoorDash

Are you trying to get paid for your deliveries with DoorDash? This can often be a tricky process due to the limited access of payment options provided by the platform.

There is no insistence on customers being restricted as to who they use their banking account details and, depending on the situation, sometimes signing up for DoorDash with someone else’s bank account might even seem like a more reasonable option.

But before you take such risks, it’s important that you understand how this works and what could happen if things don’t go according to plan.

Can I Use Someone Else’s Bank Account For DoorDash Deposits?

Have you ever wondered if you could use someone else’s bank account for DoorDash deposits? The good news is that there is no official rule against it. However, before you decide to do so, you should ensure that the account holder is aware and consenting.

DoorDash is known for being a flexible company, but it is crucial to set up your payment details correctly to avoid unnecessary complications.

With a range of options available for drivers without a bank account, it’s worth considering all your options before taking this route. Just remember to communicate openly with any willing account holders and determine how you plan to access your earnings beforehand.

Can I DoorDash Without a Bank Account

With the rise of gig jobs like DoorDash, many wonder if it’s possible to work without a bank account. Luckily, DoorDash offers an alternative solution for those who don’t have access to a bank account.

The DasherDirect Business Prepaid Visa Card allows dashers to receive their earnings and use them just like a debit card. Additionally, Fast Pay is another option for dashers to get paid quickly without the need for a bank account.

Although DoorDash recommends dashers to get a bank account for ease and convenience, these options make it possible for anyone to join the gig economy and earn money through DoorDash.

DoorDash Fast Pay

For just $1.99, you can cash out your earnings daily rather than waiting for the weekly direct deposit. But don’t forget – you’ll need a debit card to take advantage of this speedy option.

Keep in mind that updating or adding a card will temporarily disable Fast Pay for seven days to ensure account protection. Other than that, your funds should be available right away. Give Fast Pay a try and enjoy the convenience of receiving your earnings instantly.


As a US Dasher, you have the option to take advantage of DasherDirect and receive your earnings instantly with no fee. This feature is incredibly convenient, as all of your earnings will be automatically deposited onto a Visa Business Card after each completed delivery.

Plus, there are a number of added benefits to having a DasherDirect card, such as

  • No-fee ATM usage at over 55,000 AllPoint ATMs
  • Earn 2% cash back on gas purchases at any gas station.
  • There are no monthly fees or per-transaction fees
  • You can accept cash deposits by using ReadyLink network location

So you’ll get to keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket. So if you’re eager to have instant access to your Door Dash earnings and enjoy these extra perks, signing up for a DasherDirect card is a smart move.

How to Create DasherDirect Account and Get the Card

Are you a Dasher looking for a quick and easy way to get paid? Look no further than the DasherDirect program! To sign up

  • Simply open your Dasher app
  • Navigate to the “Earnings” section.
  • From there, select the Bank icon
  • Choose “DasherDirect” under “Other” payment options.
  • You’ll be prompted to provide some personal information, like your driver’s license or government-issued ID and your social security number.

Once you’re approved, you’ll receive a DasherDirect prepaid visa card in the mail. To get started, simply activate your card and download the DasherDirect app.

Plus, while you’re waiting for your card, you’ll have immediate access to your funds. With automatic payouts set up, you’ll be on your way to saving money in no time.

How to Use the DasherDirect Card

The DasherDirect card is an important tool for DoorDash drivers. While waiting for the physical card to arrive, drivers can access basic banking features through the virtual DasherDirect card.

This card not only allows access to banking features, but it also shows reward and goal balances, provides a map to fee-free ATMs, and offers the ability to lock the card or change the PIN if needed.

Luckily, using the card is simple; once activated with a personalized PIN, it can be used like any other debit or credit card. Just be sure to check the balance before using it to avoid any inconvenience caused by delayed fund transfers.

Overall, the DasherDirect card is a convenient integration of basic banking with DoorDash’s ecosystem.

How to withdraw money from Dasher Direct Card

Need to withdraw money from your Dasher Direct Card? You’re in luck! With the Dasher Direct App, you can easily locate nearby ATMs that will help you do just that.

By enabling location access, the app will find free or low-fee ($2.50) Allpoint ATMs located in popular spots like CVS, Walgreens, Krogers, and Rite Aid stores.

It’s important to note that using other ATMs could result in added fees, so it’s always best to stick with the suggested Allpoint ATMs.

Finding an ATM for withdrawal

  • Open the Dasher Direct App
  • Click on ‘Quick Services,’
  • Select ‘Find an ATM Near You’

Why Shouldn’t Use Someone Else’s Bank Account

Using someone else’s bank account may seem like a convenient option, especially if you don’t have your own account. However, it’s important to consider the potential risks involved.

Firstly, adding someone’s bank details without their permission is not advisable and could lead to legal complications.

Secondly, relying on someone else’s account means that you don’t have complete control over your money.

As a Dasher, you’re an independent contractor and not an employee, which means that there are no consequences for using someone else’s account. However, it’s always better to have your own account for financial security and peace of mind.


To conclude, anyone interested in DoorDash can easily do so without a bank account by using Fast Pay or DoorDash’s DasherDirect.

Fast Pay allows dashers to cash out up to five times per day and get their earnings within minutes.

Dasher Direct provides a free debit card and is a great way for dashers to access their earnings quickly and securely. With DasherDirect, dashers can immediately transfer money from the app onto their debit card and withdraw it as cash from an ATM or make purchases with the card wherever Visa is accepted.

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