Can Uber Eats Drivers Rate Customers?

Can Uber Eats Drivers Rate Customers

Uber Eats is quickly becoming an increasingly popular way to get delicious meals and snacks delivered right to your doorstep. Customers who use the platform have loved its convenience, but what many people don’t know is that it also gives drivers the opportunity to rate customers as well.

This can help create a more honest system of ratings and feedback, allowing drivers to provide important insight into customers they interact with and make informed decisions about their rides in turn.

In this blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at whether Uber Eats drivers can rate customers so you can be sure you’re getting a good experience every time!

Can Uber Eats Drivers Rate Customers

Yes, Uber Eats drivers can rate customers on the platform. Similar to how riders rate their drivers after a trip, Uber Eats drivers are also given the ability to rate customers after they complete a delivery.

Ratings and feedback are an important part of the Uber Eats experience, for both drivers and customers. After all, Uber Eats wants feedback to help them continually improve their services and ensure the best possible experience for everyone.

However, since Uber Eats works hard to make sure food is delivered in a timely and efficient manner, they also have tools to allow drivers to accurately rate each delivery experience they have, including an option to rate customers should a customer be difficult during the drop off or pickup process. This helps drivers feel safe while making a delivery knowing that their concerns will be looked into if needed. Moreover, it gives drivers information that could potentially improve their deliveries in the future too.


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How Do Uber Eats Drivers Rate Customers On Uber Eats?

Drivers can rate their customers on Uber Eats by completing a review. Each driver is prompted to leave a review after they drop off their customer’s food order, and it is helpful for them to do so right away in case they forget later.

This helps make sure that customers feel heard, since their feedback will be shared with other drivers who may come into contact with them in the future.

Furthermore, this review also allows drivers to provide honest and meaningful reviews of their customers’ experiences, which can help customers get an idea of what kind of experience to expect from different drivers down the line.

Does it Matter

The purpose of this rating system is to help maintain a safe and respectful environment for both the drivers and customers on the platform. Drivers can provide feedback on customers’ behavior during the delivery process, such as if the customer was polite and respectful, or if they were difficult to work with.

If a customer consistently receives poor ratings from drivers, Uber Eats may take action to restrict or deactivate their account. However, it’s worth noting that the rating system is just one aspect that Uber Eats considers when making these decisions.

What Happens If Driver Leave A Customer A Negative Rating On Uber Eats?

Leaving a negative review for a customer on Uber Eats will have consequences. The negative review will be visible to other drivers, documented and might even mean that these customers experience longer wait times or do not get their orders picked up. This can be especially true if the negative review isn’t an isolated incident as well as the severity of the ratings given.

Drivers should be aware of how their reviews impact customers and make sure they only leave ratings when necessary and accurate – this maintains trust between customers and drivers, gives customers an adequate experience which in turn will help to sustain business for many across the Uber Eats platform.

How Can a Customer See Their Uber Eats Rating?

Uber Eats offers customers the convenience of easily accessing their rating from within the app. All you need to do is open up your profile and you can see your overall rating underneath your profile picture and information. This means that you won’t have to go out of your way to check your current score and know if it’s time to adjust what orders or restaurants you visit or even how generous you are with tipping.

You can easily monitor where you stand and make sure it continues to stay at a satisfactory level of satisfaction for yourself and the companies providing services through Uber Eats.

Can Customers See Reviews from Drivers?

Having access to more detailed reviews from the drivers that you hire can be a powerful tool for understanding how to improve your customer experience.

Unfortunately, customers don’t currently have access to such reviews as most drivers are on tight schedules and don’t tend to include feedback or comments about their services.

However, customers do receive an overall rating from each of the drivers that they’ve hired, but this doesn’t allow them to really hone in on where they could benefit most when it comes to improvements. To make sure their customers have the best experience possible, businesses should explore ways of getting a deeper insight into their customer experiences.

Can Customers Get Banned From Uber Eats?

Uber Eats provides a convenient service to its customers, but it is important to remember that with this convenience comes certain responsibilities.

Customers may be banned from the platform if they request too many unwarranted refunds, harass or stalk drivers, or engage in behavior that violates Uber Eats’ Terms of Service.

The majority of bans issued by the system come as a result of delivery issues, whether they are related to living in an area that is difficult to deliver to or charging an exorbitant fee for completing a delivery. It is important for customers to remain respectful and mindful of their obligations when using Uber Eats in order to avoid being disallowed access to the platform.

How Can You Reactivate Your Uber Eats Account?

If you have chosen to deactivate your Uber Eats customer account, it is possible to reactivate it at any time. Simply log in to the Uber Eats app or website and follow the instructions in the account settings.

If your account was suspended by Uber Eats, however, you must fill out a request on the company website to have your account reviewed. Customer service will verify if there was a mistake made when they deactivated your account; unfortunately, this does not guarantee that it will be reactivated.

Why Is the Uber Eats Rating System Important?

The importance of the Uber Eats rating system is two-fold. Not only are customers encouraged to leave ratings for drivers, but these ratings are also returned back to the customer in the form of reviews left by their delivery driver. This helps Uber Eats create a community where everyone involved in the delivery process can interact positively and benefit from them.

While bad customer reviews won’t mean that they have to be removed from the app, it will significantly decrease the chances of their orders being accepted by drivers – which is why it’s so important for customers to maintain an overall positive rating. By doing this, customers can benefit from faster deliveries and a more positive ordering experience on Uber Eats.

How Customers Can Increase Uber Eats Ratings

Every Uber Eats customer should understand that the drivers depend on their rating for future jobs and can be negatively impacted by a bad score.

As such, it’s important to provide your driver with the same level of courtesy you’d expect from them. Customers should communicate effectively, specifying their location and needs clearly.

Ordering food ahead of time also helps create a smoother process for both customers and drivers. Treating your driver respectfully is a surefire way to ensure that you have a pleasant experience and receive an excellent customer rating on the Uber Eats app in return.


Overall, the Uber Eats rating system is an important factor that drivers and customers must consider when using the app. Knowing how to rate a customer and what happens if a driver leaves a negative rating can help everyone to better use the platform. The system also helps customers determine how their actions impact their overall ratings with drivers.

By understanding all of these factors, customers can increase their ratings and make sure they don’t get banned from the service.

Finally, if customers do find themselves in a situation where they’re rating has decreased too drastically or their account has been ban, there are ways to fix the issue and remain active on the platform.

All in all, understanding the Uber Eats rating system allows for everyone to have a positive experience when using the app.

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