Can You Drive For Uber Eats With A DUI

Can You Drive For Uber Eats With A DUI

Are you feeling left behind after a DUI and wondering if there are still any opportunities to make money while driving?

If so, look no further than Uber Eats. Even if you have been convicted of a DUI or drug-related offense, it is possible to drive for the popular delivery platform due to their less stringent licensing requirements.

In this blog post, we’ll explore whether Uber Eats makes allowances for those with DUIs and explain how the application process works. Keep reading to discover how you could turn your driving skills into financial gain despite your past record!

Can You Drive For Uber Eats With A DUI

Driving under the influence of alcohol can be dangerous and has significant legal ramifications. Understanding whether you would be able to drive for Uber Eats after getting a DUI is important as it involves taking on duties related to driving.

The general consensus is that individuals with DUIs or other major driving offenses will not qualify for this job due to safety concerns.

With Uber Eats, particularly for employed drivers, liability insurance coverage often requires a clean driving record with no misdemeanors or violations in the last seven years. This means that if you want to drive for Uber Eats and you have a DUI, unfortunately it is unlikely that you would meet the criteria required by the company.


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Can I work with Uber Eats if I’ve already been convicted of a DUI?

Though applications are accepted from all kinds of individuals, Uber Eats reserves the right to deny employment due to a DUI conviction. If you have been convicted of a DUI, your background check will reveal it and disqualify you from working with Uber Eats.

Generally speaking, Uber Eats wants its drivers to uphold their own personal commitment to safety while on the road, thus applicants should expect that any DUIs or drug-related offenses in their record may stand in the way of becoming an employee.

Can I Get Fired from being a Uber Eats Driver If I Get a DUI Recently?

If safety is the utmost priority for Uber Eats, it is only natural that they suspend drivers with a DUI who may be endangering other passengers on the road. That being said, a suspension from driving for Uber Eats does not automatically entail getting fired. There may be a chance to appeal, and reinstate your account with Uber Eats once you have completed all of the court-mandated obligations after your DUI conviction and can prove that you are still qualified to drive safely.

However, proof of current vehicle insurance, a valid driver’s license, an approved background check and weekly self-certification can be required before your account is reactivated again.

What kind of background check does Uber Eats do?

Uber Eats conducts background checks as a way of maintaining safety and security throughout the ride-hailing and delivery service. All applicants go through a criminal and driving history check, so patients can trust that their driver is qualified to transport them.

Uber Eats uses an tool called Checkr for the process, which is both automated and fast. As such, however, there’s no room for individual consideration brought on by particular circumstances or characteristics like previous arrests or secondary offenses. Ultimately, Uber Eats’ background checks help customers have peace of mind that the driver they’re riding with has been safely vetted.

Alcohol or Drug-related Moving Violations

Not only is it essential to have a valid driver’s license and Insurance to be an Uber Eats driver, but also having a clean driving record. This means that any occurrence of drug or alcohol related moving violations may make applicants undeserving to become drivers.

This can include things like DUIs, DWIs and any other such violations where suggestions of drugs or alcohol are present. Applicants must consider that their past indiscretions may influence their eligibility for the position and make sure to honestly disclose them before completing a background check. Being open and honest about your records during the application process is pivotal if you want to drive for UberEats!

Driving Violations

Driving is a great responsibility and Uber Eats takes that responsibility very seriously. That’s why they study applicants driving history before giving them the green light to be a driver. To make sure that the applicant can handle their road behaviors, Uber Eats scans to see if they have one major violation or three minor violations within seven years. They want to give customers the best experience by providing services with safe and reliable drivers, so applicants must demonstrate good judgment on the road to be approved as an Uber Eats driver.

Criminal Charges

To ensure safety and security of its customers, Uber Eats is committed to maintaining high standards for its drivers. As part of this endeavor, it requires a detailed background check on all potential drivers to protect its customers from any criminal charges.

The criminal history search includes an intensive audit that investigates the criminal past of the applicant for violent offenses, theft, property damage, drug and alcohol violations or felonies or other serious crimes. Through this extensive screening process, Uber Eats endeavors to make sure that its customers get the best quality of services.

Impact of DUI on Driving Record

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can have a long-term impact on your driving record, even if it is ultimately dismissed. Any conviction will remain on your DMV record for years to come, often resulting in higher insurance premiums. If you are not lucky enough to have it dismissed, prepare for repercussions from the court.

The penalties vary by state and can involve jail time, hefty fines, and the revocation of your driver’s license. Afterwards, you may be required to take a driver safety course and comply with other restrictions in order to reinstate your license. It is important to remember that driving under the influence carries severe consequences — physically, emotionally, and financially — and while they may pass in time, they still stand as lasting reminders of this serious mistake.

What Do Other Delivery Drivers Think?

Delivery drivers who use Uber Eats as their service of choice often find themselves in a bind when it comes to getting approved if they have a history of major traffic violations or felonies. Various testimonies from Uber Eats delivery drivers can be found on the Reddit network, and it is clear that many have been rejected due to past DUI charges.

One driver, (username: XJNCX420), said: “I’m being denied I presume through email. It says to contact Uber support so I’ll do that tomorrow”.

Obviously, the consequences faced by drivers with a criminal background can be severe, whether this involves restrictions placed on their ability to obtain approval or other measures taken against them. With this in mind, drivers should always exercise caution when using the services of Uber Eats or any other similar company.

Will Other Food Delivery Services Hire Me with a DUI?

The food delivery industry is highly competitive, and a criminal background check may be the difference between getting hired or not. A DUI can be seen as an automatic disqualification for many of the popular food delivery services such as Grubhub, DoorDash, Postmates, and UberEats since they often reserve the right to refuse service to those with serious violations on their records.

If you have a DUI in your past however, all hope is not lost. You can still apply with any of these companies and there’s always a chance that your application will be accepted; it just might take some more effort and patience on your part. Ultimately, having a clean driving record is essential if you plan to make money by delivering food as a side gig or main job.

Can you be an Uber driver with a criminal record in Australia?

Can you be an Uber driver with a criminal record in Australia? The answer is complex as it largely depends on the nature of the offence and when it occurred. For example, offences such as murder, drug trafficking, or sexual misconduct are generally disqualified from being approved to become an Uber driver.

You may still be eligible if the conviction happened some time ago and you could demonstrate through your actions since that you have changed.

Further to this, any forthcoming legal matters may also be taken into consideration when assessing the eligibility of someone with a criminal background taking part in the gig economy. It is advisable to check directly with Uber for full details on their policy in relation to applicants with a criminal record.


It is important to note that every person’s situation is unique. Although a DUI conviction may have some negative effects on your ability to work with Uber Eats, or any other food delivery service for that matter, it does not necessarily mean you will be prevented from ever working in the industry.

There is a possibility that you could still be allowed to drive for Uber Eats depending on the details of your case and type of background check they do.

If you have been convicted of a DUI, it would be wise to speak with an attorney to help determine whether or not you should pursue an opportunity with Uber Eats, or any other food service company. At the very least, this will give you an informed decision based off of accurate facts and legal advice. It may also be possible to work out other legal solutions if an employer denies you due to a past DUI conviction – so ultimately don’t be discouraged!

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