Can You Get an Apartment With DoorDash Income?

Can You Get an Apartment With DoorDash Income

DoorDash is an app that allows you to make money by delivering food from local restaurants. You sign up, complete a brief training, and start getting assignments. It’s simple and easy, right? However, the world of working for yourself has some unique challenges. Income is often one of them.

Working for yourself isn’t exactly the same as having a 9-to-5 desk job. Because you’re on your own, it can be hard to make ends meet until things get going. That can be especially true if you need an apartment in order to launch your business.

Even though DoorDash will pay you cash at the end of each shift, renting an apartment usually requires first and last month’s rent upfront as well as a deposit. Not everyone has that kind of capital lying around ready to go – even if they have access to friends and family with that kind of savings who might be willing to help out Here are some tips on how you can get an apartment with DoorDash income:

DoorDash Income Is Steady, But Not Great

As with any self-employed gig, there will be times when you have plenty of work and times when you have none.

DoorDash works on a commission model, paying workers a percentage of the total dollar amount of each order they pick up. That means the more you work, the more you make.

However, it also means that during slow times, you’ll be making very little. DoorDash workers report making anything from $30 to $50 a day, usually with a mix of regular hours and one-time-only promotional events. As you build a reputation for reliability, you’ll also start getting regular assignments.

The real bonus is that you can work as much or as little as you want. But even though DoorDash can help you get an apartment, it’s not a great source of income if you’re looking to pay the rent on time every month.

You Can Still Get an Apartment With DoorDash Money

While DoorDash income may not be enough to cover your entire monthly rent, it can still help you get an apartment. Depending on the particular building you’re renting from, managers may be open to installment payments.

Some landlords in expensive cities such as New York City and San Francisco may even be willing to work with you if you have a proven source of income but little or no savings.

You can also try working with a roommate finder service like to find people who are looking for someone to split rent with. If you’re lucky, you can find a person who’s willing to work with a smaller amount of savings and partial payments.

You may even be able to get someone who has savings that they’re looking to invest in a rent-earning opportunity.

Apply for Apartments That Are Slightly Out of Reach

If you have a good amount of savings, applying for apartments that are just slightly out of reach may be a good option for you. You may be able to get approved and land an apartment while putting down less money than someone who has a smaller savings cushion.

You can also use your DoorDash income as a way to show landlords that you’ll be able to pay your share of the rent on time every month.

If you have a large amount of savings, you may want to consider making a larger down payment. This will help you reduce the amount of money you’ll pay each month and give you a larger amount of equity in your apartment. While you won’t be able to offer a large amount of cash as a down payment, you might be able to negotiate a larger amount of savings instead.

If you have a decent-sized savings account, you can use that as leverage to get a lower rate on your mortgage.


DoorDash is a great way to make some extra money and get your food delivery business off the ground. That being said, it’s important not to rely on it as your only source of income.

If you’re using DoorDash income to get an apartment, be sure to keep your expectations in check. You may need to get a roommate or put down more money than you may have hoped.

No matter how you do it, make sure you get your business off the ground as soon as possible. With those tips, you can get an apartment with DoorDash income. Now all you have to do is start delivering!

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