Can You Track Your Order on Grubhub

Can You Track Your Order on Grubhub

Grubhub offers a convenient way for you to order food from your favorite restaurants without having to leave your house. It’s easy to use and offers many features, including a tracking system that lets you know how far along the delivery of your meal is. But can you track your order?

We’ll explore this question and examine the advantages of being able to track orders on Grubhub in detail. So whether you’re wondering if it can help save time when ordering take-out or just curious, let’s dive right into everything there is to know about tracking orders on Grubhub – right here, right now!

Can You Track Your Order on Grubhub

With Grubhub, you can easily stay up to date on where your food delivery items are located. Map tracking is particularly useful, as you’ll be able to see the exact route and location of your order right on the screen.

Whether it’s leaving the restaurant or nearing its delivery destination, Grubhub’s tracking feature will tell you immediately. You won’t have to guess if the food is five minutes away or an hour away – just take a look at the street names shown on the map and you’ll know exactly how far your order still needs to travel before it arrives.

The best part is that there are several additional ways to track your order apart from maps. That’s why ordering with Grubhub allows you great convenience and peace of mind when it comes to knowing where your delicious food is at any given moment in time.

How to Track a Grubhub Order

With the convenience of Grubhub, you can get your favorite food delivered right to your door. But what happens when you’re filled with anticipation and want to know the status of your order?

That’s where decision tracking comes in!

Understanding how to track a Grubhub order will help make the waiting process a breeze. You can check the status of your order through the app, website, email, SMS notifications or directly from the restaurant itself. Caching the progress of your Grubhub order has never been easier; so don’t let delivery frustration get in your way!

Staying Updated with Grubhub Notifications

As soon as the restaurant has prepared your food, you’ll be sent a notification letting you know it’s ready for pick up. Then, when it’s on its way, you’ll get an update so you know when the driver is expected to arrive.

These estimates are based on the driving conditions and how quickly they’re able to navigate their route to your exact location.

And finally once they arrive, another alert notifies you that your meal has arrived. With Track Your Grub notifications from Grubhub, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing exactly when your delicious meal will show up at your door!

Navigating Your Order with Map Tracking

Knowing the status of your food delivery order is easy with Grubhub – all it takes is a quick look at their mobile app. With the map functionality, you can easily track down where the food delivery driver is located and how close they are to your residence.

All you have to do to access this is click “My Grubhub” on your mobile device and then navigate to “track.” Once there, the location of the driver will appear on the map. This helps streamline the whole process and helps keep you in-the-know about when your order will arrive!

Plus, if the delivery driver is only ten minutes away from your doorstep, you will be notified for added convenience.

Reaching Out to the Restaurant for Updates

There’s always the option to reach out to the restaurant or delivery partner directly. Easily located in your app, simply grab their contact information and send a text or give them a call for real-time updates on the progress of your food delivery.

Reaching out can ensure you don’t remain in suspension and receiving notification from Grubhub is not necessary – communication lines with the restaurant are open!

Communicating with Your Delivery Driver

Communicating directly with your Grubhub delivery driver can help ensure you receive meals in a timely and satisfactory manner. To ensure your order is on its way, access the contact information of your drivers located on the Grubhub app.

Given that many drivers are on-the-go, they may not be able to respond immediately once you connect. If you notice that you’re running behind schedule and can see from the map where your driver is, text them to check for any delays at the restaurant.

You can also send a text if you can’t locate your driver after they have made it to your residence. Staying in contact with the driver is an easy way to make sure all parties involved have a positive delivery experience!

Grubhub Tracking Statuses

Tracking your Grubhub order has never been easier. By visiting and entering your order’s tracking number, you can quickly find out not only where your food delivery is, but an estimated time of arrival as well.

So if you’re having trouble with other tracking systems, or just want to get a better gauge on when your food will arrive, this is a great option to find the information you are looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Grubhub Notify You When Your Order is Delivered?

When ordering food delivery through Grubhub, users can rest assured knowing they will be notified when their order is on the way and has been delivered. Notifications come in form of text messages or emails that provide status updates.

If users are not receiving notifications or having difficulties, they can adjust the settings of their mobile device by turning off any apps running in the background or disabling “Do Not Disturb” mode. It is also important to turn off “battery saver” mode and switch cellular data back on while ensuring WiFi is turned off in order to receive timely notifications.

What to Do When Your Grubhub Order Doesn’t Come?

If your Grubhub order doesn’t show up or it’s late, then you’ll need to make the first move and reach out to Grubhub customer support.

They can be contacted directly via phone at +1 (877) 585-1085. Once a customer care representative is able to assist you, kindly explain what the problem is regarding your food delivery order – such as if it hasn’t arrived or flopped in on time. Afterwards, try to ask for a refund depending on what happened with your order.

After all that’s been said and done, just relax until you hear back from them in an email with your answer regarding your refund situation.

Why Can’t I Track my Order?

It’s frustrating when you cannot track your delivery order. There are few different factors that may make tracking difficult or impossible.

If you’re not getting any notification regarding your delivery order, it is possible that your phone has the “Do Not Disturb” feature turned on or the “Battery Saver” mode is enabled, so you’ll need to turn these off for notifications to work properly.

Another possible reason for being unable to track could be issues with the Grubhub driver’s location settings which must match specific criteria for tracking orders. The driver should have Cellular Data, Location Settings and Background App Refresh set to “On”, in order for their phone to be able to push tracking updates.


Ultimately, keeping up with your Grubhub order is an incredibly useful tool to have on hand. Whether it’s monitoring each stage of the shipment process or checking in with the delivery driver and restaurant, it gives you peace of mind when you know where your food is.

If something does go wrong, Grubhub also provides a variety of options for rectifying the issue and making sure that neither their customers nor restaurants are compromised.

Finally, understanding why you’re unable to track makes all the difference — potentially saving time and effort. Tracking your Grubhub orders is definitely worth investing your time in!

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