Can You Use McDonald’s Gift Card on App

Can You Use McDonald's Gift Card on App

Are you a devoted supporter of McDonald’s? Do you often go there for your daily meals? Or do you just like to have a tasty snack from time to time?

McDonald’s offers a swift, practical, and budget-friendly solution for feeding a family. It has become a fundamental part of many people’s living, and with the emergence of their app, it has become even simpler to get your food rapidly. But is it possible to use a McDonald’s gift card on the app?

McDonald’s gift cards, otherwise known as Arch Cards, are unable to be utilized for mobile orders through the McDonald’s app. While these gift cards can be used for in-store purchases and to pay for items at the drive-thru, they cannot be used to pay for mobile orders placed through the app.

Can You Use McDonald’s Gift Card on App

McDonald’s gift cards are a great way to pay for meals at participating restaurants, however, they cannot be used for mobile orders. This means that when you purchase a McDonald’s gift card, you cannot use it to pay for orders placed on the mobile app. This is because the mobile app offers exclusive deals and promotions that are not available when using a gift card.

However, McDonald’s gift cards can be used for in-store purchases. Prepaid Visa and MasterCard gift cards can be used for online orders and in-store purchases through the McDonald’s app or website. These prepaid cards are accepted just like credit and debit cards, and can be used to take advantage of the discounts, offers, and promotions that are available on the mobile app.

E-gift cards designated for McDonald’s can also be used for online orders. These are delivered as a credit which can be transferred to an existing credit card, debit card, Visa gift card, or deposited into a checking account as a PayPal credit.

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Can You Use a McDonald’s Gift Card Online?

Unfortunately, McDonald’s gift cards cannot be used to pay for orders placed online, be it on the McDonald’s website, mobile applications, or third-party delivery services. The only way to use the gift cards is in the store itself, which must be done online.

Other forms of payment, however, can be accepted for online orders, such as MasterCard, Visa Credit card, American Express, MasterCard debit cards, and Apple Pay. If customers wish to use Apple Pay, they must register their credit or debit card to the Apple Wallet on an iOS device.

Can I add an Arch Card as a payment method

The short answer to the question “Can I add a McDonald’s Arch Card as a payment method?” is unfortunately no. At this time, customers are unable to register an Arch Card for payment of mobile orders. This is likely due to the fact that the Arch Card is a physical card and not a mobile payment method.

Can you use two McDonald’s gift cards at the same time?

McDonald’s gift cards are a great way to eat at the most famous fast-food joint in the world. But is it possible to utilize two McDonald’s gift cards at once when you make an order? That depends.

If both gift cards are completely loaded, then they are not able to be both utilized for the same order. You can, however, mix up a cash payment with one of the gift cards, though not with two. This is because it is not feasible to use two separate cards for a single order.

If one of the gift cards contains a small amount of money, and it can’t cover the whole order, then it can be used first. This will drain the money from the card, and afterwards you can use the other card.


It is not possible to utilize your McDonald’s present card when utilizing the application. Nonetheless, there are still ways to save money when buying from McDonald’s. By making the most of the offers and rebates given on the app, you can both get the benefit of the app and set aside cash simultaneously.

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