How To Cancel DashPass Subscription

How To Cancel

For $9.99/month, DashPass members receive $0 delivery fees on orders over $12 from participating restaurants, as well as other exclusive benefits like waived service fees and access to DashPass-only restaurants. Plus, DashPass members get to choose their own delivery window, so they can plan their meals around their schedule. There is no minimum order amount … Read more

How to Cash Out with FastPay on DoorDash

How to Cash Out with FastPay on DoorDash

Cash is king when you’re a delivery driver, and it’s even more so when you’re a delivery service. Getting paid on time is essential to maintaining your car and keeping gas in the tank. Being able to get your money quickly also means being able to get back on the road faster and spend less … Read more

What Happens if You Don’t Pay DoorDash Taxes?

What Happens if You Don't Pay DoorDash Taxes

If you have a side gig delivering food or another service, that can feel like additional work. But those businesses also come with tax obligations — and risks. In the case of services like DoorDash, it’s easy to overlook the associated taxes. That might not seem like a big deal; after all, you’re probably making … Read more

Does DoorDash Take PayPal

Does DoorDash Take PayPal

In the world of on-demand services, payment can be a pain point for both customers and restaurants. No one likes waiting for their bill or trying to find the right cash. Fortunately, you can now pay for your food delivery with ease. Whether you’re a customer, an eatery, or both, this article has the information … Read more

How to Report a DoorDash Driver?

How to Report a DoorDash Driver

Do you love food delivery services like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Postmates? Did you know that as a customer who orders from these services, you have the ability to rate your driver and their service? You see, many of these delivery services give customers the opportunity to rate the experience, so if something goes wrong … Read more

Can You Pick Up Your Own DoorDash Order?

Can You Pick Up Your Own DoorDash Order

Doordash is a food delivery service that allows you to order food from your favorite restaurants and have it delivered to your door. They offer a pick up option where you can pick up your food from the restaurant and take it with you, or they offer a delivery option where they will deliver the … Read more

Can I Use a Starbucks Gift Card on DoorDash

Can I Use a Starbucks Gift Card on DoorDash

Starbucks and food delivery apps are a match made in heaven. It’s the perfect partnership for both parties: food delivery services can extend their services to more locations and reach customers who live too far away to walk to their nearest restaurant, while Starbucks gets more customers visiting its stores by offering them as an … Read more

Is Olive Garden on DoorDash?

Is Olive Garden on Doordash

Olive Garden is a chain restaurant known for its affordable Italian food, including salads, pasta dishes, and of course, breadsticks. For those who prefer to stay home rather than go out for dinner, delivery services are a convenient way to get your favorite takeout without leaving the house. If you’re wondering if Olive Garden is … Read more

Can You Order From Starbucks On DoorDash?

Can You Order From Starbucks On DoorDash

Starbucks and DoorDash have worked together to bring you more convenience. That’s because you can now order your favorite Starbucks drinks on DoorDash—and get them delivered right to your home, office, or wherever you’d like! In case you aren’t familiar with these two names in the food delivery space: DoorDash is a third-party delivery service … Read more