Does Amazon Flex Hire Misdemeanors?

Does Amazon Flex Hire Misdemeanors

Amazon’s new initiative, Amazon Flex, has the potential to disrupt gig economy marketplaces and affect the way goods are delivered to customers. As an app-based platform for delivery services, Amazon Flex offers a variety of benefits for both drivers and customers.

However, like many gig-based companies, there is some concern that Amazon may be giving its own employees an unfair advantage by hiring them as contractors instead of employees. While this does not appear to be true for every worker who partners with Amazon Flex, it could act as a major red flag for anyone who is hiring or contracting with a company that operates in the same arena. Here’s what you need to know about whether or not Amazon Flex hires misdemeanors.

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Hiring Practices at Amazon Flex

One benefit to gig-based companies is that they are able to hire people who might otherwise be unable to get hired at a normal company. For example, people who are in transition or who may have a criminal record might not be able to get a job at a normal company.

On the other hand, Amazon Flex hires a wide variety of people on a regular basis. Amazon Flex hires a wide variety of people on a regular basis, ranging from retirees to stay-at-home moms to college students. This means that Amazon Flex is able to operate in a variety of different markets during different times of the year.

Can Misdemeanors Apply to Amazon Flex?

Like any large company, Amazon has its own HR policy when it comes to hiring. While it is unlikely that Amazon will hire anyone with a felony on their record, misdemeanors are a slightly different story. Hiring people with misdemeanors on their record is common at Amazon Flex, according to reports. However, Amazon Flex does have some restrictions in place. For example, people who have multiple convictions on their record or who have committed violent crimes are unlikely to get hired.

Why This is a Major Issue for Gig Economy Companies

Misdemeanors are a major issue for gig economy companies. With the majority of gig economy companies hiring contractors as opposed to employees, if the company were to be audited, it would be immediately obvious that the workers do not qualify for employee status. This could lead to a lawsuit and even the closure of the company. Gig economy companies rely heavily on their reputation, so if they are found to be hiring contractors when they should be hiring employees, this could lead to major problems with the government and customers.

How to Find Out if Someone Is Hiring Misdemeanors?

Anyone who is curious about whether or not a company is hiring people with misdemeanors on their record will have to do a little research. As a company hiring contractors, Amazon Flex does not have to share information about their hiring practices with the public.

However, there are a few ways to dig up this information. One option is to visit the company and see if there is any information on hiring practices posted. Another option is to look at job ads for Amazon Flex. If a company is hiring people with misdemeanors, it may leave this information off the job posting.


Misdemeanors are a major issue for gig economy companies, and they are often the difference between being hired as a contractor or being hired as an employee.

While it is common for companies to hire contractors who have misdemeanors on their record, it is important that they be honest with their hiring practices. Customers want to know that they are getting the best service possible, but they also want to know that their goods are being delivered safely and by someone who is qualified to do the job.

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