Does Grubhub Work In Canada?

Does Grubhub Works In Canada

Do you live in Canada and want to enjoy the convenience of ordering delicious food for pickup or delivery? You’re in luck – GrubHub is a popular online delivery service that does indeed work in Canada! Founded by Matt Maloney and Mike Evans back in 2004, this Chicago-based company has now become part of the Dutch parent company Just Eat Takeaway.

As such, they have extended their services beyond America, making it even easier to order tasty meals from local restaurants with just a few clicks. But before you get started using GrubHub’s efficient food service up north, let’s first take a deeper look into how this mighty platform actually works here in Canada.

Does Grubhub Work In Canada

Grubhub is a popular food delivery service in the United States that recently added services to Canada, although with much lower volume than they have stateside. Currently, Grubhub only operates in a few areas of the country, specifically primarily Ontario and Toronto.

In addition to access to Grubhub, Canadians can take advantage of SkipTheDishes, a food delivery platform owned by EatTakeaway. With these services combined, Canadians everywhere can have endless variety of restaurants and delivery options at their fingertips.

Are Grubhub and SkipTheDishes the Same?

Grubhub and SkipTheDishes may have similar features and be owned by the same parent company, Just Eat Takeaway, but they are not the same. Even though they’re separate apps and services, accessing certain areas of their websites reveals that both Grubhub and SkipTheDishes connect to each other.

For instance, when you enter the Grubhub website and change the region to Canada, you’re immediately redirected to SkipTheDishes. This points to some strong ties between these two services that customers should aware of when choosing where to order food from.

How to Order in SkipTheDishes

Ordering takeout from the comfort of your own home is easier than ever with SkipTheDishes!

All you need to do is create an account and select your food order. The process is completely stress-free and straightforward. Start by browsing quality restaurants in your area, whether it be Italian, Thai, Chinese or Mexican cuisine. Once you’ve found something that looks good try using their interactive search feature to navigate unique meal options. Complete the simple checkout process quickly and securely with a few clicks, confirm delivery details and boom — dinner is on its way!

Let SkipTheDishes take the hassle out of ordering takeout so you can enjoy a delicious meal without leaving the house.

Top Food Delivery Apps in Canada

Top food delivery apps are the perfect solution for busy people who don’t have time to make their own meals. SkipTheDishes, UberEats and DoorDash lead the way in this market, offering fast, efficient and reliable services.

SkipTheDishes: Canadians everywhere are turning to SkipTheDishes for their food delivery needs. With restaurants in almost every city and town, you don’t have to worry about having a lack of options when it comes to ordering out – whatever you’re hungry for, SkipTheDishes is sure to have something to satisfy your cravings.

UberEats: Experience a world of food with UberEats, the beloved food delivery app that spans across continents. Backed by Uber’s expansive network, UberEats provides access to restaurants that are exclusively available on the app. Its reach extends to major cities and countries like Brazil, Canada, Australia, the US, and the UK. From mouth-watering burgers to delicious sushi, there’s something for everyone on UberEats.

DoorDash: DoorDash, a top-rated international food delivery service, is taking the world by storm. With operations in the United States, Australia, and Canada, DoorDash offers access to a whopping 300,000+ food vendors! Founded in 2013, this dynamic company has been delivering tasty treats to satisfied customers ever since. Don’t wait any longer – order from DoorDash today and experience the convenience and deliciousness firsthand!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Grubhub in Quebec

Unfortunately, the answer to whether Grubhub is located in Quebec is not available. All of the search results lead to a small town in Tulsa that also goes by the name Quebec. For those who might still be searching for a food delivery service in Quebec, Grubhub runs its operations through SkipTheDishes, a sister company of Grubhub that provides the same features and services as Grubhub. Thus, anyone located in Quebec can take advantage of SkipTheDishes’ services without having to worry about availability.

Is Grubhub in Calgary?

The answer is that while Grubhub itself is not yet available in Calgary, there is an alternate delivery service provided by its parent company. SkipTheDishes has been providing a convenient online ordering and delivery system to restaurant-goers in Calgary since 2013. Through their thorough review of restaurants in the area, they guarantee customers can enjoy delicious dishes without a hitch.

So, while Grubhub itself has not made it to Alberta yet, SkipTheDishes offers a safe alternative for hungry customers who can’t make it out of their homes or offices for a meal from their favourite place.

Does Grubhub Work in Toronto

Grubhub is an incredibly popular and convenient app that allows you to order food from the comfort of your own home. In Canada, the company’s presence remains spotty, making it difficult to tell whether it works in certain areas or not. For instance, Grubhub is available in Ontario, so this would indicate that it does work from Toronto as well.

Unfortunately, its exact coverage can’t be guaranteed even for densely populated locations like Toronto. To ensure you won’t encounter any surprises when using Grubhub, take a few minutes to research and check whether there are restaurants available to choose from near you.

Is Grubhub in Edmonton

Due to the pandemic, many people are relying on food delivery services now more than ever. Luckily for Edmonton residents, Grubhub’s subsidiary SkipTheDishes is there to help. SkipTheDishes can connect to over thirteen thousand restaurants, and this makes it one of the most widely available food delivery services in the city.

Customers can conveniently search menus from various restaurants before ordering whatever they want from anywhere in Edmonton. Reducing contact with others, getting restaurant food delivered straight to your front door has never been easier!

Does Grubhub Work in Montreal

If you’re wondering if Grubhub works in Montreal, here’s the scoop: Grubhub is available across Canada, but has a distinct presence in Quebec through its parent company. While Grubhub itself does not have an active service in Montreal and other cities in the province, SkipTheDishes, an online ordering related service owned by the same parent company does.

For residents of Montreal who are looking for convenient food delivery services, SkipTheDishes serves as a great substitute for Grubhub. It operates within much of Canada and boasts a diverse range of restaurants ranging from traditional fast-food to five-star cuisine. With easy checkout processes and user reviews to help customers choose the best option for them, SkipTheDishes can be a great alternative for anyone searching for food delivery options in Montreal.

Does Grubhub work in Vancouver

Grubhub has a subsidiary service called SkipTheDishes that is actually available in Vancouver and throughout British Columbia.

Unfortunately, there is some confusion on this subject because when looking at the official Grubhub website they reference a different city, also called Vancouver; but this refers to one in Washington State. So anyone looking for food delivery services from Grubhub in the Canadian city of Vancouver can rest assured that the company certainly has a presence there.

Is Grubhub in Ontario?

Grubhub is making it easier than ever to get the delicious food of Ontario delivered directly to your door. Whether you’re looking for a classic breakfast sandwich from a popular chain, or you want to go for something unique and mom-and-pop-style like wood oven pizza, Grubhub can help.

You can easily browse menus and order with a few clicks or taps on either the website or mobile app. On top of that, Grubhub has streamlined how restaurants in Ontario are organized so customers can find just what they need with ease.

Does Grubhub Deliver Alcohol in Canada?

Grubhub is one of the most popular food delivery platforms, but surprisingly they provide alcohol delivery to users in Canada too. While Grubhub has focused most of its efforts on developing and promoting the system in the US, those living in or visiting Canada can still get a hold of their favorite drinks through this same service.

Since there isn’t as much documentation about this feature being provided by Grubhub, we had to do some digging to be sure that it was actually available. Sure enough, we uncover several restaurants and other businesses that provide wine and beer delivery using Grubhub. It should be noted however, that in order for you to purchase alcohol from any respective location on Grubhub, the ordering customer must be 21 years old (or 18 years old depending on the province).


To conclude, Grubhub is not available in Canada. SkipTheDishes is the most popular food delivery app in Canada and is currently available in many provinces including Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Grubhub also works in some of these provinces as well as Toronto, Edmonton and Montreal but is not available everywhere just yet. While it may seem limited to some cities or provinces right now, it’s possible that Grubhub will expand its service to more locations across Canada in the near future.

Until then, Canadians can take advantage of SkipTheDishes and other food delivery apps to get the meals they want delivered right to their doorsteps!

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