Does Postmates Deliver Groceries?

Does Postmates Deliver Groceries

Are you stuck at home and craving that hot meal from your favorite restaurant? Fear not, because Postmates is here to the rescue! For people who live their lives on-the-go, or are too busy to make a grocery trip, Postmates has the perfect solution.

Not only does Postmates deliver food and other items from shops around town, but now they offer grocery delivery – providing access to all sorts of foods straight from your phone.

With same day delivery options available in many cities across the United States, find out how Postmates can help get you what you need right away.

Does Postmates Deliver Groceries?

Are you tired of spending countless hours at the grocery store? Do you find it difficult to make time for grocery shopping in your busy schedule? Look no further than Postmates.

Postmates delivers groceries straight to your door, making grocery shopping a hassle-free experience. Whether you’re too busy, unable to leave your home, or just want to avoid the crowds at the grocery store, Postmates has got you covered.

With partnering stores in your area, you can order groceries through the website or app and have them delivered to your doorstep in no time. Say goodbye to long lines and hello to convenience with Postmates.

What Kinds of Deliveries Does Postmates Make?

When it comes to getting things delivered, Postmates truly has you covered. This helpful app is much more than just a food delivery service.

Whether it’s an urgent prescription refill or a late-night craving for fast food, Postmates has got you covered. They’ll even deliver alcohol and groceries straight to your door. Plus, with the option to schedule deliveries in advance or get them right away, you’ll never be without the things you need. And with the new no-contact delivery option, you can feel safe and secure while still getting everything that you need delivered directly to your door.

Where Does Postmates Offer Grocery Delivery?

If you’re wondering whether Postmates offers grocery delivery in your area, the answer is likely yes! With a presence in all 50 US states, the delivery service has a wide reach.

While it’s true that Postmates focuses on major metropolitan areas like New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Chicago, smaller markets aren’t left out. The best way to find out if your favorite grocery store is included? Check the app! With Postmates, getting groceries delivered to your doorstep has never been easier.

How Does Postmates Grocery Delivery Work?

With Postmates, getting your grocery shopping done doesn’t have to involve an actual trip to the store. The process of placing a grocery delivery order with Postmates is simple and easy to navigate.

After logging into your account, you just need to enter your delivery address and browse through the available options. If you want to narrow it down to just grocery stores, there’s a filter for that. From there, you can start selecting the items you need and adding them to your cart. If there’s something you want that isn’t listed, you can even add a custom item. Once you’ve finished your shopping, checkout is just a few clicks away. It’s a convenient solution for anyone looking to avoid the hassle of grocery shopping.

Costs associated with grocery delivery from Postmates

While the fees for each order can vary depending on the city, store, and ordering platform you use, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Postmates charges a delivery fee and a service fee for each order placed through their app. Additionally, you may encounter additional fees if your order is too small, canceled, or placed during a peak period when demand is high.

So, before placing your next grocery order, make sure to take a close look at any fees that may apply to help you decide if Postmates is the right choice for you.

Delivery fees

Depending on the store you purchase from and where you live, the fee can vary greatly.

For Partner Merchants, the fee is usually between $.99 to $3.99. You can easily identify Partner Merchants in the app by looking for a green checkmark.

Non-Partner Merchants, on the other hand, tend to have much higher fees ranging from $5.99 to $9.99.

It’s also important to note that during peak hours, you may see something called “Blitz” pricing. This means that the fee is multiplied by a variable amount, resulting in a higher delivery cost.

Service fee

The service fee, while not a fixed amount, typically falls between 9% and 15% of the total purchase price.

Even though the fee won’t show up until checkout, you can view it on the Tax & Fees section of the checkout page. By clicking the small “i” icon, you can see a detailed breakdown of the fees, including the service fee and total tax.

Additional fees

These extra charges can depend on the size of your order, the time when you place the order, or even if you cancel the order.

For example, Postmates has a minimum order value of $12, but if your total falls below this value, they may add a small cart fee of $1.99.

It’s important to keep in mind that while these additional fees may feel inconvenient, they are often necessary to ensure that the delivery service can continue to run smoothly and efficiently.

Cancellation fee

Whatever the reason, sometimes you need to cancel an order. Luckily, if your order hasn’t been picked up by the delivery person, there is no cancellation fee.

But, if the courier has already started on the delivery when you cancel, you will need to pay for the full order, including the food cost, delivery fee, and service fees.

Keep in mind that cancellation fees can vary, so it’s best to double-check before placing your order.

Postmates Unlimited

If you’re a frequent user of Postmates, their Unlimited membership may be worth considering.

For just $9.99 a month, you can enjoy free delivery on all orders over $15 and skip the small order fee. Plus, with no “Blitz” pricing, you can rest easy knowing you won’t be hit with any surprise fees at checkout. On top of these cost-saving benefits, member-specific promotions sweeten the deal even more.

So if you’re tired of paying extra for delivery fees and small orders, consider making the switch to Postmates Unlimited.

Does Postmates Deliver From Walmart?

Did you know that Walmart and Postmates have partnered to offer Online Grocery Delivery? This is great news for anyone looking to get their groceries delivered straight to their doorstep.

While the service isn’t available at every Walmart location, it is available at over 1,000 stores nationwide. The best part is that you can order your groceries through either the Walmart app, or the Postmates app or website.

With Walmart’s personal shoppers hand-picking all orders, you can rest assured that you’re getting top-quality products.

And if that wasn’t enough, they’ve also introduced Spark Delivery, where local drivers collect your groceries and deliver them straight to you. So why not save yourself the trip to the store and try out this convenient service?


Postmates offers so many delivery options for people looking for convenience and flexibility. From restaurant takeout and grocery delivery to retail items and alcohol, Postmates has a variety of choices.

Grocery delivery from Postmates is certainly attractive to anyone looking for an easy way to purchase groceries without leaving their home. Not only do customers have access to hundreds of grocery stores with the same competitive pricing, but delivery fees are waived or discounted with a Postmates Unlimited membership.

Additionally, customers should be aware of the various fees associated with ordering such as service fee, additional fee, cancellation fee etc. All in all, having options such as Postmates Grocery Delivery can be life-saving at times!

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