Does Your Uber Eats Acceptance Rate Matter?

Does Your Uber Eats Acceptance Rate Matter

As an Uber Eats driver, it’s hard to make ends meet. You’re scouring the app for orders that are closest to you and trying your best to deliver them as quickly as possible – but do you ever stop and check your acceptance rate?

The short answer is no — your acceptance rate isn’t important in getting more delivery requests from Uber Eats. Despite this being a common misconception, understanding why ratios don’t matter can save time and money for drivers seeking optimal efficiency!

So let’s break down what exactly goes into maintaining a successful career with Uber Eats and why having ideal acceptances won’t necessarily help lead to success on the platform.

Uber Eats Acceptance Rate: How it Works?

Uber Eats is a popular meal delivery service that relies on drivers to pick up and deliver orders. These drivers are expected to have a high acceptance rate since this is a large part of the job they’ve assumed.

Calculating acceptance rate is simple: divide the number of accepted requests by the total number of requests. Each time you reject an order, your acceptance rate drops and when you accept an order, your acceptance rate increases.

For example, if you’re given 100 delivery requests and reject 25 then your acceptance rate will be 75%. Although Uber has gone away from displaying an individual driver’s acceptance rate in their app UI, it still is an important metric as it can affect promotional opportunities for drivers.

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Does Your Uber Eats Acceptance Rate Matter?

Uber Eats acceptance rate does not matter; however, it is important to maintain a high acceptance rate in order to ensure a quality eating experience for both restaurants and customers alike.

Across the official Uber Eats website, such as their independent contractor agreement and promotion page, it states that Uber Eats is no longer monitoring or factoring in your acceptance rate when providing offers. This indicates that there is little to no consequence in accepting orders whenever possible.

It’s still important to provide reliable service when accepting orders so you can guarantee customers are receiving the best service available.

How the delivery process works

After receiving the offer, you’ll be able to view the details of the order, including what restaurant it’s from, the order cost and any applicable discounts. You’ll also be able to see how much money you will make from the delivery, as well as its estimated completion time.

Depending on your location, additional offers for nearby restaurants may also appear. Once you accept the offer, Uber Eats will direct you to pick up the order at the restaurant and then transport it directly to its final destination. Along the way you can track your status via a live map system that shows your position in relation to where you’re headed.

As an independent contractor with Uber Eats, you have full control over when and where you make deliveries–you only need to respond to orders that interest you.

How To Check Your Uber Eats Acceptance Rate?

The ability to check this information in the app has been removed. That doesn’t mean you can’t track your performance anymore though! If you qualify for Uber Pro, you may be able to use the perks tab in your app to view your current rate and exactly how many orders you need to accept in order to maintain upper tiers of enrollment.

Alternatively, monitor completed deliveries that are documented in your lifetime total and factor out how many trips were skipped in order to narrow down an approximate Uber Eats acceptance rate.

What Do Other Delivery Drivers Think?

Most Uber Eats couriers agree that your acceptance rate is not as important as maintaining a low cancellation rate. This way, you don’t have to accept every single order you get – as long as it doesn’t affect the total number of orders you end up cancelling.

Couriers on Reddit are varying in their opinions on this subject, but most have an acceptance rate somewhere between 70-80%, with some being higher and some being lower.

iceman121982: “1% / 40% / 98%. My acceptance usually fluctuates between 20% and the low 40% range. My rule is I don’t take anything under $20 an hour, I work in Toronto so it goes through good and bad periods. Last week (and this week so far) I averaged $25 an hour, the week before was $28.50ish. I’m choosy with my orders, just had a few weeks of getting good order requests, so the acceptance rate has been creeping up. Back in May I was around 23%.”
pgrudo01: “Exactly I’m between 12-30% at all times. Lowest ever was 6%. Once I found out there are no promotions or special treatment of having a high rate then that’s when I became ubillionaire.”
xxteargodxx: “Cancel Rate 9% Acceptance Rate 42% Satisfaction Rate 97%”

Additionally, many of those who accept any order they come across believe that the key is to anticipate changes in the demand and take advantage when it fits your own schedule. All in all, it’s clear that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to what a good acceptance rate should be; each courier must decide for themselves how and when they want to complete deliveries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Your Acceptance Rating Lead to Uber Eats Driver Termination?

Uber Eats limits the power of its decision-making to deactivation, and it is only in extreme cases that it will choose this option.

Factors considered when reviewing a driver’s account include the operation of their vehicle, efficiency during deliveries, timeliness in responding to requests, how well they adhere to safety protocols as well as their acceptance ratings.

Fortunately, there is no strict requirement as far as acceptance rate and it won’t be an immediate cause for your Uber Eats account to be terminated. It’s important, however, to not cancel orders too frequently; if you do find yourself hit with a high cancellation rate Uber Eats may reach out or deactivate your account depending on the nature of the cancellations.

What Is The Minimum Acceptance Rate For Uber Eats?

The great thing about Uber Eats is that it offers a lot of freedom to its delivery partners. You get to decide which orders you want to accept and there is no requirement that you maintain a certain acceptance rate like other delivery companies.

So, take your time when making decisions and don’t be afraid of turning down an order if it doesn’t suit your delivery route or other needs.

Plus, you have the opportunity to review the info on each delivery before accepting it, making it easier to make informed decisions. The lack of a minimum acceptance rate gives its customers convenience and flexibility when using Uber Eats services.

Can I cancel if I accept a delivery offer on Uber Eats?

After you have accepted an offer on Uber Eats, a map will appear displaying the restaurant information.

Simply swipe up from the restaurant information to reveal a screen with a red circle and white triangle next to the “Start Delivery” button.

Tap this button and you will be taken to Uber Eats’s Report Issue screen where you can either contact support directly or choose one of the other options listed.

Once one of these options is selected, it will provide you with the option to cancel the order and remove yourself from any further obligation.


Does Uber Eats punish drivers for not accepting orders?

Doing deliveries through Uber Eats is a choice, but the company doesn’t always give clear guidelines when it comes to how many orders you can cancel before accountability kicks in.

From what I understand, repeatedly canceling orders could get your driver account deactivated, yet Uber Eats provides no information as to what they deem ‘too often’. Therefore, it is hard to monitor and drivers often feel like they are walking on eggshells – trying their best to work within the unknown parameters of their agreement.


To be safe, drivers should try not to cancel accepted orders whenever possible. This will help ensure that your account remains active and up-for-grabs for new delivery opportunities. Ultimately, completing the job you’ve signed up for will ensure everyone involved is happy and safe!

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