DoorDash Deactivation: Reasons Why, What’s the Policy and How to Get Reactivated

DoorDash Deactivation

We all know the feeling of accomplishment after completing a DoorDash delivery, but what happens if you receive a deactivation from DoorDash afterwards?

A sudden deactivation can cause worry and confusion. Common reasons for deactivations include policy violations, customer complaints, low order completion ratings or low customer ratings.

Although it is not an ideal situation to be in as a Dasher, fortunately there are ways to successfully appeal and get reactivated. In this blog post I will discuss the different reasons for deeming someone inactive on DoorDash, their policy on deactivations and how one can go about appealing and getting back up on your feet!

DoorDash Deactivation Policy

As a Dasher, it’s important to understand DoorDash’s Deactivation Policy. While the company values its Dashers’ flexibility, it has strict guidelines to ensure quality service to its clients and merchants.

As outlined in the policy, there are multiple ways that you can compromise your account, leading to deactivation. It’s crucial to take note of these reasons, which include complaints from customers, merchants, or other Dashers, as well as engaging in fraudulent activities.

So, while working for DoorDash may provide autonomy and flexibility, it’s important to remember that the company has guidelines that must be followed to ensure continued success.

Reasons Why DoorDash Dashers Get Deactivated

1. Consumer Ratings and Complaints

As a DoorDash delivery driver, your customer ratings can make or break your success. Customers have the power to rate their deliveries and provide feedback on punctuality, thoroughness, and behavior, which can greatly affect your overall rating. It’s essential to provide exceptional service to receive a high rating, such as delivering orders on time, ensuring all items are present, and presenting a positive attitude.

Maintaining a Consumer Rating of 4.2 stars or higher is crucial as it can lead to DoorDash deactivation. However, DoorDash provides warning notifications as you approach the threshold.

Negative feedback or reviews can also affect your rating, making it crucial to keep your customers happy. Overall, customer ratings are an essential aspect of DoorDash and should be a top priority for any Dasher.

2. Cancellation Rate

As a Dasher, accepting an offer means committing to completing a delivery or service according to the customer’s or merchant’s instructions.

However, sometime unforeseen circumstances can arise, and you have the right to occasionally cancel a delivery or service if necessary, as long as you cancel before picking up the items for delivery. That being said, maintaining a certain completion rate is crucial to providing services on the DoorDash platform.

Your completion rate must be at least 80%, and you are responsible for monitoring it. Falling below the threshold could result in losing access to certain opportunities or even deactivating your account. Therefore, it’s important to stay on top of your completion rate and ensure that you can provide quality services to customers.

3. Abuse the Platform

While DoorDash provides a convenient platform for delivering food from restaurants straight to customers’ doors, some individuals choose to abuse this service.

These Dashers engage in a variety of prohibited actions, including

  • Improper data usage
  • Causing damage to the DoorDash platform
  • Tampering with deliveries
  • Gaining unauthorized access to DoorDash resources
  • Violating third-party rights, and
  • Manipulating referral programs.

Any of these actions can result in the deactivation of the offending Dasher’s account. Thankfully, such behavior is not common, but it is important to be aware of the consequences of misusing the DoorDash platform.

4. Violating the terms of your contract

Violating the terms of your contract can have serious consequences, especially when you’re an independent contractor. The Independent Contractor Agreement requires strict compliance with certain rules and regulations, and failure to adhere to these terms could lead to deactivation.

For example, if you unintentionally mark a delivery as complete, take any goods without authorization, or deliver late, you could be jeopardizing your contract.

It’s also important to follow safety precautions when performing any business activities, failing to do so could result in severe consequences. Therefore, it’s essential to read and understand the terms and conditions of your contract to ensure that you’re always in compliance.

5. Compromising the Platform’s Safety

As a DoorDash driver, you have a big responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the delivery process. The company takes this very seriously and has set out rules to create a safe environment for all.

Any behavior that compromises this feeling of safety could result in deactivation, which is not something any driver would want. It’s important to always follow the rules when driving, biking, or scooting and to refrain from using drugs or alcohol on the job.

Additionally, discrimination, harassment, and violent or aggressive behavior are not tolerated. By following these guidelines set forth by DoorDash, you can help keep the platform safe for everyone involved.

What Happens If You Get Deactivated?

Getting deactivated from DoorDash could be an alarming experience. The sudden halt of app notifications and emails might make you wonder what went wrong.

The situation becomes even more frustrating when you need to start an appeal process to reverse the deactivation. To make matters worse, there’s no fixed number of policy violations that could lead to your deactivation, meaning that DoorDash deals with each case individually.

Therefore, it’s crucial to stay alert while you’re on the job to prevent any potential violations from occurring.

What do I do if my DoorDash account is deactivated?

Deactivation of your DoorDash account can seem like a big setback, but don’t worry, there are other options available to you. You can look into applying for other gig services like Uber Eats, GrubHub, InstaCart, Lyft, or Postmates.

However, if you prefer to stick with DoorDash, you can try submitting an appeal. It’s important to note that you can only submit an appeal if you’ve violated the Independent Contractor Agreement or committed fraud, abuse, or safety violations.

If the reason for deactivation is something like Completion Rate or Consumer Rating, an appeal cannot be submitted. Despite this, it’s good to know that for more serious reasons like DoorDash customer fraud or discrimination, an appeal may be more successful.

How to Appeal the Deactivation of a Dasher account

If you have found yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of having your Dasher account deactivated, there is still hope.

The first step in appealing the decision is to locate the form in your email. It is crucial that you fill in all relevant information, and if possible, provide any photographic, video, or audio evidence to support your case. Answering the questions to the best of your ability can help build the strongest argument for yourself.

Once submitted, you will need to wait for DoorDash to respond. If the appeal is denied, you may wish to try a different delivery app as most do not allow disputes of violations.

To improve your chances of submitting a successful appeal, complete the form as soon as possible, stick to the most relevant details, and remain polite and collected throughout the process.

Choose DoorDash Alternatives

Have you been deactivated from your DoorDash account? If so, you might be worried about losing your source of income. But fear not, because there are plenty of alternatives out there for independent courier contractors like yourself.

Postmates, Instacart, Grubhub, UberEats, Roadie, Mr-Delivery, and Dispatchit are just a few of the top contenders you can explore.

There are plenty of side hustle opportunities to keep you earning, even if you’re no longer working with DoorDash.

DoorDash Deactivation FAQs

How Do You Know You Got Deactivated?

If you’re a DoorDash driver, the thought of deactivation may bring up feelings of anxiety or fear. But how do you actually know if you’ve been deactivated?

You’ll receive both an in-app notification and an email notifying you of your deactivation, along with a reason for your deactivation and instructions for an appeal.

Knowing the reason for deactivation can be helpful for preventing it from happening again in the future, and it’s reassuring to have clear communication from DoorDash during what may be a stressful time.

Other platforms, like Uber, may not provide such clear communication, making DoorDash a good option for those looking for transparency in their work.

Can DoorDash Deactivate You for Being Late?

As a DoorDash driver, timeliness is crucial to maintaining a good track record and keeping your account in good standing. In rare cases where unforeseen circumstances cause lateness, it’s best to communicate with the customer and update them on the status of their delivery.

However, if tardiness becomes a consistent issue, DoorDash may take action and deactivate your account. This serves to ensure that customers receive their orders promptly and efficiently. Ultimately, communication and punctuality are key to success as a DoorDash Dasher.

Is DoorDash Deactivation Permanent

The thought of being suddenly deactivated from DoorDash without any prior warning can be daunting for any driver or delivery person. It’s natural to question whether the deactivation is permanent or not.

Unfortunately, the answer is not always clear-cut. In most cases, a DoorDash deactivation is indeed permanent, unless you take swift action and submit a successful appeal.

However, not all deactivations allow for an appeal, which can make the process all the more frustrating. It’s a good reminder to always stay vigilant and follow the best practices to avoid getting deactivated in the first place.

Can you get reactivated on DoorDash?

Have you recently been deactivated on DoorDash? Don’t worry, there’s good news! Unlike some other food delivery apps, DoorDash offers a chance to appeal the decision and potentially get reactivated as a Dasher.

While it may be disheartening to be deactivated, it’s important to remember that mistakes can happen and DoorDash recognizes this by giving Dashers a chance to explain their situation. So, if you’re determined to get back on the road and start delivering delicious meals to hungry customers, don’t hesitate to appeal your deactivation with DoorDash!

How long does DoorDash deactivation last?

Unfortunately, all deactivations are permanent unless you successfully appeal the decision. The deactivation process can occur without warning and is sudden, leaving many drivers confused about what has happened.

However, not all hope is lost. If you receive an email stating that you can submit an appeal, it’s crucial to follow the instructions carefully and present a compelling case for why you deserve to be reactivated.

In summary, the length of DoorDash deactivation lasts until you successfully appeal the decision, making it important to take immediate action if you want to get back to delivering for the popular platform.

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