How Far Does Grubhub Deliver Food?

How Far Does Grubhub Deliver Food

If you’re like most people, you probably think of Grubhub as a restaurant delivery service. But did you know that Grubhub will actually deliver food from any type of restaurant, including fast food joints? That’s right – if you’re craving McDonald’s but don’t want to leave your house, Grubhub will bring it to you!

But how far does this food delivery service actually go? We did a little research to find out.

Does Grubhub Have a Delivery Radius

Using Grubhub’s popular delivery platform to get your favorite meal is incredibly convenient. The maximum distance any restaurant can offer delivery to its customers through Grubhub is 70 miles, though most establishments choose to provide their service within a much narrower area.

An average delivery radius for most restaurants that use the platform is about five miles from the restaurant itself – an area similar to what you might find with many other food delivery companies. With Grubhub’s easy-to-use interface and wide reach of restaurants, getting delicious food delivered directly to your door has never been easier!

How Far Does Grubhub Deliver

Grubhub has a delivery limit of 70 miles, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to order from every restaurant within that radius. Each restaurant on the Grubhub platform sets their own delivery radius, so it’s important to check with the restaurant you want to order from. Usually, they aim to drive no more than 15-20 minutes from local businesses to the customer’s house.

However, if you live in a rural area, Grubhub delivery drivers are known to be more flexible and may be willing to travel a little further to ensure that you get the food you crave. With Grubhub, you can enjoy restaurant-quality food no matter where you live.

Whether you’re ordering a hot pizza or a cold ice-cream, the food safety considerations during transit should always be kept in mind. Time and temperature play a crucial role in ensuring the food arrives at your doorstep fresh and delicious. That’s why Grubhub works closely with its restaurants to ensure that the delivery radius and recommended food for delivery align with food safety guidelines.

So, whether you’re craving something hot or something cool, Grubhub has got you covered. With its vast network of restaurants and delivery services, you can enjoy your favorite meals without having to worry about the distance. “Grubhub, delivering fresh bites to your doorstep, miles away or just around the block!”

As a Customer: How Far Does Grubhub Deliver

Grubhub makes it easy to order food from local restaurants. As a customer, you can use their app to search for available restaurants in your area. If the restaurant isn’t within 5-10 miles of your location, you might be out of luck; however, there are some exceptions that may enable delivery from farther away.

Grubhub has built up a network of over 300,000 restaurants across more than 4,000 cities in the US, so with a little bit of digging you are likely to find something whether it’s dinner for the night or lunch for tomorrow. With Grubhub deliveries becoming increasingly popular, customers can enjoy good quality meals from their favorite local spots without leaving the house.

As a Driver: How Far Does Grubhub Deliver

Delivering for Grubhub as a driver can be an excellent way to make money on your own time. However, it is important to understand what kind of distance you may have to travel for certain orders. For the most part, Grubhub assigns drivers to one city, so the majority of requests will not require traveling too far away.

However, the app does not impose any limits on how far a driver may have to travel for delivery requests. This means that if a customer orders from far away enough and no other driver has accepted the request yet, you could potentially find yourself driving quite far away. All in all, it’s important to consider how much longer delivery routes might be when making decisions about accepting requests with Grub Hub.

Does Grubhub Show Distance for Drivers?

It is natural to wonder how much drivers will have to drive when deciding to take a delivery through Grubhub. Unfortunately, the app does not directly provide drivers with mileage figures, but they do typically offer an estimate of the time involved.

By providing drivers with the name, address, pay and a map from the restaurant to the customer’s house, they can get an idea of the miles that need to be covered. Grubhub has recently experimented with including distance on driver dashboards but only select people have seen this option in their app thus far. Focusing on speed estimates allows customers and drivers alike to know how long they can expect their deliveries to take without further calculation.

Does Grubhub Deliver Everywhere?

Eating in has never been easier now that Grubhub exists. This popular food delivery program provides consumers with a near-infinite number of choices to choose from thanks to its connection with local restaurants.

One major convenience provided by the app is its ability to deliver everywhere, so no matter where you are or what you’re hungry for, Grubhub can provide.

Whether you’re looking for fast food, gourmet cuisine, or group ordering options and meal deals, Grubhub eliminates the hassle of cooking and waiting in line – and best of all, it delivers everywhere! When you hear “Grubhub” your next word should be “Yum!”


Whether you’re craving a hot pizza, a cold ice-cream, crisp salad, or anything in between, Grubhub is always ready to satisfy your hunger. With its vast network of restaurants and delivery services, you can enjoy restaurant-quality food right at your doorstep. “Grubhub, dishing out fresh food, near and far!”

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