How Long Does Grubhub Background Check Take

How Long Does Grubhub Background Check Take

Are you considering becoming a delivery driver for Grubhub? If so, you may be wondering how long the background check process takes.

According to Grubhub, the average background check report takes between three and seven business days. However, depending on your location, there may be delays.

So, if you’re looking to become a Grubhub delivery driver, be aware that it may take a little bit of time for your background check to come back. But once it does, you could be driving and earning money in no time!

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How Long Does Grubhub Background Check Take

How long does the Grubhub background check process take in general terms

The general wait time for the Grubhub background check process is generally within three to seven business days. This can vary from area to area, so if you live in a densely populated or metropolitan area, the process may be faster. However, there can still be delays that’ll push back the length of time it takes for your background report to come through, so it’s important to plan accordingly and take that wait into consideration when deciding whether or not Grubhub is right for you.

Why there may be delays in the process

It’s usually the case that it takes between three and seven business days for a background check report to be completed, but delays can occur due to various reasons. It is expected that the further away from the service provider you are geographically, the longer it could take as there are then more postal services and communication channels involved in the background check process.

If there is any information missing or incorrect on the application forms, this could lead to a delay. If significant information on their employment history is not supplied or has been entered incorrectly, then it can introduce a slowdown to the process. These are just some of the numerous reasons why delays may occur in this type of procedure.

How to get in touch with someone if there are any issues with your report

There can be delays within a background check report, but you don’t have to worry. If for any reason you did not pass your background check, Grubhub is here for you and can help address any issues or concerns. Send an email to and a driver specialist will be in touch with you as soon as possible to work on resolving the issue. It’s important that all parties involved understand what happened in order to ensure a successful report.


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What does GrubHub look for in a background check?

GrubHub takes their background checks seriously in order to ensure they are providing the best service possible! To narrow it down, GrubHub looks at the applicant’s driving records and county criminal record. This is the most typically accepted range used by employers for background screenings. As far as the county criminal record search goes, records from different court levels (federal, state or county) will be checked depending on locations and other information provided by the applicant. Once all of that information is revealed, there is a period of time (three to seven business days) where delays can be expected due to location and other parameters.

Alcohol or drug-related violations

Grubhub takes potential alcohol and drug-related violations very seriously. As part of the application procedure, applicants must submit a legal background check report detailing any violations of alcohol use or drug abuse within the last seven years.

Depending on the region in which they are applying, it usually takes anywhere from three to seven business days for this check to be processed. If any serious violations are found upon review, the applicant may find him or herself disqualified from further consideration. It’s important for potential candidates to be aware of this policy when applying for a job at Grubhub.

Driving Records

When it comes to road safety, driving records are extremely important when considering a job application. Among the aspects to be considered are violations of U.S. highway law, and even a single serious violation such as driving under the influence can be enough to overwhelm any other qualifications and automatically disqualify the job applicant.

Three or more minor infractions within the past three years, such as driving without a license, disregarding traffic signals, or speeding, will also leave a mark on their record – and could also be decisive in withdrawing consideration for the job. Considering that much of the work required might involve frequent car use, it is vital to assess an individual’s ability to safely and responsibly drive on public roads before taking them on board. Therefore, driving records must always play a role in the background check process.

Criminal Records

Because a criminal record can have serious implications for Grubhub, the hiring staff will look very carefully into an applicant’s past criminal history. This includes examining serious charges such as assault, sexual assault, manslaughter, murder, and theft. These types of charges are indicators of an individual who could be potentially dangerous and is not trustworthy.

Criminal convictions can automatically exclude a person from employment at Grubhub. A background check report is required to take between three and seven business days, though delays may occur depending on where the applicant lives.


In general, the Grubhub background check process takes between three and seven days. However, depending on where you live, there may be delays in the process. If you have any questions or concerns about your report, please feel free to reach out to us at looks for a variety of things when conducting a background check, including but not limited to alcohol or drug-related violations, driving records, and criminal records. We hope this article was helpful in shedding some light on the Grubhub background check process!

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