How Much Should You Tip DoorDash, And What Else Do They Offer?

How Much Should You Tip DoorDash

Tipping is great. It lets you show your appreciation for someone’s service and also helps that person make a living. But as anyone who has worked in the restaurant industry will tell you, tipping can be tricky.

And even when you know how much to tip, it can still be nerve-wracking: What if you give them too much? Or, too little? Both are bad. Or what if their service was so bad that you don’t want to tip at all? Do those things even happen?

Well, maybe not quite that last one…but tipping is indeed challenging and can be awkward. Here’s everything you need to know about tipping on DoorDash and what else they offer as a delivery company

How Much Should You Tip On DoorDash?

As with any situation where you’re unsure if you should tip, the answer to this question depends on what you ordered and the quality of that service. This is because the general rule of thumb is to tip 18-20% of your total bill.

You may want to tip more or less depending on the level of service you received. If you’re unsure, ask yourself these questions:

  • Did the driver deliver my food quickly or did I wait a long time for my food to arrive?
  • Did the driver go above and beyond?
  • How was the quality of the service?
  • Did the driver make any mistakes?
  • What level of service did you expect to receive?

What Are The Commission Rates For Tipping On DoorDash?

We’ve established that tipping is important (and probably a bit of a stress-inducing ordeal).

So what are the commission rates for tipping on DoorDash?

  • If you tip $1 or less, you will be charged a $2 penalty.
  • If you tip $2 or less, you will be charged a $4 penalty.
  • If you tip $3 or less, you will be charged a $6 penalty.

Why and When Should You Tip Your Driver?

Tip your driver because their job is to provide a service for you and you should show gratitude for that.

However, you should also tip because the company might charge you if you don’t.

  • If you do not tip your driver, they are still required to submit their order information and pay taxes on the total amount of their pay. So not only are you being rude, but you’re also putting the driver out a bit because they will have to pay taxes on the amount they received.
  • If you don’t tip, you are also not putting yourself in a good position to request a refund on your order if something goes wrong. If you are not happy with your order, and you have not tipped your driver, the driver will be less likely to want to help you out or take the time to get you a refund.
  • If you do not tip, you are being a jerk and putting your driver out.

Do Doordash Drivers Know if You Tip?

DoorDash drivers will not know whether you tipped or not unless you tell them, or unless you tipped via the app.

  • If you tip in person (on a pick-up order), your driver will see the money.
  • If you tip in the app, it will go toward your total bill.
  • The amount you tipped will not be visible to the driver, so they will not know you tipped.

Do You Have to Top Doordash for Pick-up Orders?

You do not have to tip for pick-up orders unless you feel you are grateful for the driver’s service.

  • If you get your food in the app, the app will let you know the driver is ready for payment, but you are not required to tip.
  • If you get your food in-person, you will be expected to tip in-person at the time of your order.

Final Words: Is Tipping Worth It On DoorDash?

Tipping is important in every industry but especially in the food services industry because these employees make significantly less than other industries.

  • The service that these people are providing is important, and it is something that we all take for granted.
  • Tips are what these people live on. Tips are how they make a living. So if you are receiving any type of service, you should be tipping them.
  • While it is not required to tip on DoorDash, tipping shows gratitude for the service and may even get your order to you faster.
  • If you are in a rush or just feel like tipping, it’s still completely acceptable to tip in person.

Now that you know how much to tip on DoorDash, what the commission rates are, why and when you should tip your driver, do you have to tip for pick-up orders, and is tipping worth it on DoorDash, you’re all set. Now all you have to do is get to eating!

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