How to Accept Batch Orders on DoorDash?

How to Accept Batch Orders on DoorDash

Being a delivery partner on DoorDash can be challenging. Aside from the demanding customer service aspect, you also need to maintain a specific average check mark rate to stay active on the platform. To meet those standards, you’ll likely need to take on batch orders.

But what are batch orders and how do you accept them? Keep reading to learn all you need to know about batch orders as an active DoorDash partner.

What is a Batch Order on DoorDash?

A batch order is an order that’s larger than what one person could eat in one sitting. DoorDash deliveries can be made from a restaurant or foodservice business, or from an individual selling their homemade food.

Batch orders are a great way to boost your average check mark rate, your overall earnings, and your acceptance percentage.

Batch orders are scheduled in advance and can be either recurring or one-time only. Batch orders are typically scheduled for an off-peak time—such as lunch or dinner hours on a weekday.

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How to Accept Batch Orders on DoorDash

To accept batch orders on DoorDash, you’ll need to be actively delivering on the platform. If you’re currently in the application process, you won’t be able to accept batch orders.

If you’re already delivering on DoorDash, navigate to the “Orders” tab to view your current batch order opportunities.

Click the “Add batch order” button to schedule a batch order. If a batch order option isn’t available, it means you’ve maxed out the amount of batch orders you can accept.

Batch orders are labeled with an “x” icon within the app. Tap the batch order to view the order details.

Why You Should Take on Batch Orders

Why take on batch orders when you’re already busy with one-time orders? The main reason is to increase your earnings. Batch orders allow you to increase your earnings by taking on larger orders. That means you can earn more per order and potentially make more in a shorter amount of time overall.

Batch orders are also a great way to get your name out there as a dependable delivery partner. When you take on batch orders, you’ll likely see an increase in one-time orders.

Batch orders also provide a nice break in your day. Rather than fielding one-time orders all day, batch orders are typically scheduled in advance. That means you can take a break during those low-demand hours.

Tips for Managing Batch Orders on DoorDash

Before you accept a batch order, make sure you’re prepared for the volume of orders. Make sure your vehicle is stocked with everything you need for deliveries, such as food containers and bags, water bottles, a fully charged battery, and a spare tire.

Batch orders typically come with a deadline, so try to accept batch orders for off-peak hours. If you accept batch orders during high-demand hours, you’ll likely run into issues. Keep in mind that each batch order you accept will count against your one-time order acceptance limit. Make sure to expect batch orders and make room for them in your schedule. Batch orders are a great way to boost your earnings, but be careful not to overcommit.

Strategies for Successful Batches

No matter what type of business you’re delivering from, or what kind of food you’re serving, there are a few strategies you can use to make batch orders a success.

  • If you’re accepting a batch order from a restaurant, make sure to confirm the order details with the restaurant, such as the exact amount of food to be delivered, the food items being delivered, and the estimated delivery time.
  • If you’re accepting a batch order from a food service provider, confirm the delivery details with your manager.
  • If you’re accepting a batch order from an individual, confirm the delivery details with the person. Confirm the food items being delivered and the estimated delivery time.

Bottom line

The batch order feature on the DoorDash platform is a great way to earn more on the platform. However, it’s important to manage the amount of batch orders you accept to ensure you have time to deliver one-time orders as well.

If you’ve been struggling to maintain your acceptance rate, batch orders may be the answer. They’ll allow you to deliver larger orders, earn more per order overall, and potentially increase your acceptance percentage. Batch orders are a great way to boost your earnings. But make sure to confirm the details of the order before accepting it.

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