How To Add A Tip In Grubhub

How To Add A Tip In GrubHub

If you’re a fan of ordering in, chances are you’ve used GrubHub to make your order. As one of the most popular food delivery apps, GrubHub has become an integral part of any mealtime routine for many people. Don’t wait to be asked – show your appreciation to your hard-working delivery person and add a tip with ease on GrubHub!

Don’t worry, it’s easy! Here’s a quick guide on how to do it. Open the app and fill out your order. Proceed to the order review screen. Under your order’s subtotal amount, choose the tip type and amount.

How To Add A Tip In GrubHub

How to add a tip in the Grubhub app.

  • Open the GrubHub app on your device.
  • Fill out your order by selecting the food items you want to order and proceed to the order review screen.
  • Under the subtotal amount of your order, you will find the option to add a tip.
  • Choose the type of tip you want to add, such as cash tip, percentage options, or a custom tip.
  • After you have chosen the tip amount, click on “Continue to Checkout.”
  • Your tip will be added to the order total, and the delivery driver will receive it as a separate payment.

You can select from three different tipping options – cash tip, three percentage options, or a custom tip. Popular choice at 20%, entering the custom tip allows you to go even further by rounding it up for an extra gesture of gratitude towards the driver. For instance, if your 20% pre-selected tip is $3.80, selecting Custom opens you up to enter $4 or any amount above that if desired. Remember that drivers count on tips to make a living, so adding an extra buck will sure make their day!

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Can Grubhub customers change tip?

Unfortunately you can change tip after placing order. You simply need to do it before you proceed through checkout.

Recently, I attempted to raise the tip for a delivery. The driver had difficulty locating my address, and I wanted to compensate for their inconvenience. As it was a no-contact delivery, I couldn’t give them cash. Unfortunately Grubhub support wouldn’t allow me to increase the tip amount but they said that it was “for safety reasons”. While disappointing, I accepted that this policy had been put in place keeping everyone’s best interests at heart.

By choosing the cash tip option, you have the option to provide the driver with a personalized cash tip upon delivery. A minimum of 20% of the order value is recommended if you opt for this method. But it’s not mandatory. Tipping the driver is optional and ultimately your decision.

Can you change tip on Grubhub after delivery

Once you’ve chosen a tip amount, it can’t be adjusted. You may reach out to Grubhub support, however there is no guarantee that the driver will receive any additional funds.

Fortunately, if you opt for cash tip option, you can change the amount of money you give to the driver even after delivery. That way, if you determine that the driver deserves extra cash for their hassle or if the percentage maximum wasn’t enough for your liking, you can quickly toss a few additional bucks their way as a thank-you. Though not every driver will accept a cash tip because of potential security concerns, it’s a great way to ensure that whoever brings your food gets rewarded properly for their effort.

Is a $5 tip good for Grubhub?

With Grubhub, it’s easy to score a delicious meal from your local takeout spot. Being able to support them by adding a tip is just one of the many benefits that comes with ordering through the app. When it comes to tipping, a $5 gratuity can make all the difference – not only covering the cost of delivery, but also providing a few extra dollars for those hardworking drivers.


Delivery drivers on Grubhub rely heavily on tips to supplement their earnings, and this is why they often prefer to take jobs with generous tippers. If you opt for the convenience of having your food delivered to you, it is important to compensate the delivery driver for their efforts. By tipping well, you show appreciation for the service they provide, and you also support their livelihood.

GrubHub has made it easy for users to add a tip to their order through the app. You can choose to tip a fixed amount or a percentage of the order total, and the tip will be added to the order total. The delivery driver will receive the tip as a separate payment, and it will not be included in the order amount paid to the restaurant.

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