How to Bypass Doordash Waitlist

How to Bypass Doordash Waitlist

Even the best-loved services can have down times. When a restaurant has too many customers or not enough servers, it creates a bottleneck. When demand skyrockets in response to a limited supply of new offerings, that’s also a bottleneck. No matter what the reason, waitlists are an unfortunate consequence of business popularity. But don’t despair!

If you want to get your favorite food delivered through DoorDash or another similar service, there are ways around the waitlist. Here are some ways you can avoid the DoorDash waitlist and get your food faster without breaking any rules or policies.

Change the Location of Your DoorDash Order

If you are on a waitlist for DoorDash, you can switch the location of your order. Click “Edit” next to your order, and then click “Change Order”. You can then select a new restaurant to place the order at. Make sure to change the address of the restaurant, too. You can also try changing the “Preferred End Time” if you don’t want the food delivered to your current location. Keep in mind that restaurants may be further away than the “Preferred End Time” you set, so make sure to give yourself extra time for delivery.

Change the time of your DoorDash order.

If you are on the waitlist for a DoorDash order, you can change the time of the order. Find the “Preferred End Time” box on the order screen and select a new time. You can also choose to place the order at another time by selecting a new date.

Keep in mind that you may get the same server on your second order if you place it at the same restaurant. You can also change the address of the order, but this may result in a longer wait time. You do not need to enter a new address for the same restaurant, but you can if you want your food to be delivered to a different area. Make sure that your new address is within the service area of the restaurant.

Use a DoorDash Trick to Bypass the Waitlist

You can use certain tricks to bypass the waitlist on DoorDash. These methods may not always work, but they can help get you to your food a little faster if you are on the waitlist.

If you have a large group, split the order between multiple people to get around the waitlist. You can also time your orders to get around the waitlist. If you place your order 10 minutes before your friend places her order, it is more likely that you will get served first.

If you want to get extra attention for your order, you can use a special DoorDash code. Check the website for current codes to get extra benefits or to get to the front of the waitlist.

You can also ask a friend to place an order with you. This may get you to the front of the waitlist, but it may also put you in danger of being banned from DoorDash.

Try Postmates or UberEats Instead

While you are waiting for a restaurant to come back from the waitlist with DoorDash, you can try another similar food delivery service. Postmates and UberEats have shorter waitlists than DoorDash, so you may be served more quickly.

Postmates is a delivery service that specializes in bringing you groceries, restaurant meals, and other goods. They operate in more than 350 U.S. cities. Postmates uses a network of couriers to bring your order to you, so the wait time may be a little longer than DoorDash.

UberEats is another food delivery service that is almost identical to DoorDash. The service is available in most U.S. cities and uses a network of restaurants to bring food to customers. The wait time may be a little longer than DoorDash, but it may be worth it if you are really craving your favorite meal.

Try Going to the Restaurant Instead

If you are very hungry and don’t want to wait for delivery, try going to the restaurant instead. This can be a great option if the waitlist for the restaurant is very long, or if the service is only available in a few cities. You can check out restaurants’ webpages on DoorDash or other food delivery services to see their wait times. If the wait time is very long, you can try going to the restaurant to get your food faster. Keep in mind that you may not have the same selection of menu items at the restaurant as you would get with DoorDash. Some restaurants may not offer all of their menu items through DoorDash, so you may miss out on some of your favorites.


No one likes waiting in line, especially when they’re hungry. The best way to avoid the waitlist is to order during off-peak hours, but that’s not always possible. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid the waitlist on DoorDash and other food delivery services. If you change the location of your order, you can get your food from a different restaurant. You can also change the time of your order, or try using special tricks to get ahead of the waitlist.

You can also try going to the restaurant instead of waiting for delivery, though you may not have the same menu selection. Whatever you do, don’t despair when you end up on a waitlist.

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