How to Cancel Postmates Unlimited Subscription

How to Cancel Postmates Unlimited Subscription

Are you looking to cancel your Postmates Unlimited subscription? While the loyalty program offers free delivery and discounts on restaurant meals and groceries, it may not be the best fit for everyone. Luckily, cancelling is a straightforward process.

You can cancel the subscription on your iPhone or Android using the Postmates app or on your computer through the Postmates website.

It’s important to note that if you’ve already paid for the month, you won’t receive a refund for the remaining days, but you can still utilize the subscription until it expires. With a simple cancellation process, you can easily make changes to your Postmates membership.

Postmates Unlimited

Tired of paying extra fees for delivery when ordering food? Postmates Unlimited may be the solution for you. For only $9.99 a month, this service allows users to skip delivery fees on orders of $12 or more from one of the many partnered businesses.

As an added bonus, Postmates guarantees flat delivery rates on orders under $12. Plus, if you’re hesitant to commit to the monthly fee, keep an eye out for discounts or free trial offers that Postmates frequently runs to entice new users. Give it a try and enjoy the convenience and savings of Postmates Unlimited.


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How to Cancel Your Postmates Unlimited Subscription

Are you currently subscribed to Postmates Unlimited but have decided that it no longer suits your needs? Fret not because canceling your subscription is easy and can be done in just a few clicks! There are two methods in canceling your Postmates Unlimited subscription – via the mobile app or through the website.

Don’t forget to make sure that you cancel before your next billing cycle to avoid getting charged for another month.

Cancel Postmates Unlimited Using the Android or iPhone

Canceling Postmates Unlimited can be a hassle-free process if you follow the steps correctly. Luckily, the app provides an easy way to cancel your subscription using your Android or iPhone.

  • Open the app on your device
  • Tap on the profile icon
  • Select Manage Unlimited Membership
  • Click on Manage Plan
  • Choose Cancel Membership option from the list
  • Click on Cancel Unlimited.

By doing so, you’ll be able to quickly cancel your subscription and avoid any further charges. The process is quick and simple, and it allows you to take control of your app subscriptions with ease.

Cancel Postmates Unlimited on a PC or Laptop

Cancelling your subscription on a PC or laptop is a breeze.

  • Simply log into your account on
  • Click on the profile icon in the top-right corner.
  • From there, select “Account Settings” and navigate to “Postmates Unlimited.”
  • Click “Cancel Automatic Renewal”
  • Confirm your decision by clicking “I’m sure.”

Voila! You have successfully cancelled your membership. No more wasted payments on a service you don’t need.

Can you get a refund for Cancelling Postmate Unlimited?

Have you ever tried Postmates Unlimited and then realized it wasn’t the right fit for you? Maybe you didn’t use it as much as you thought you would, or perhaps you found another food delivery service that worked better for you. Whatever the reason may be, you’ll be happy to know that canceling your Postmates Unlimited subscription is a breeze.

Unfortunately, if you’ve already paid for the month, you won’t be eligible for a refund. However, don’t let that deter you from canceling. You can still use the service until the end of the month and then explore other delivery options.

Does Postmates Unlimited Subscription have Cancelation Fee

If you’ve been wondering whether or not Postmates Unlimited has a cancelation fee, the answer is no.

When you sign up for a subscription to Postmates Unlimited, you can enjoy all the perks of free delivery on orders over $12 without having to worry about any hidden fees or penalties if you decide to cancel at any time.

This means you can test out the service, see if it’s right for you, and cancel at any time without any financial consequences. So why not give Postmates Unlimited a try and see if it can make your meal deliveries more convenient and affordable?

Alternatives to Postmates Unlimited

When it comes to food delivery, finding the right service can make all the difference. While Postmates Unlimited may be a popular option, it’s not for everyone. Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives out there to explore.

Whether you’re looking for better coverage in your area or more affordable pricing, it’s worth doing your research. Some delivery services worth considering include Grubhub, DoorDash, and Uber Eats. Each of these offers its own unique perks, such as quick delivery times or a wider selection of restaurants.

So, if you’re looking to switch things up, start exploring your options today.

DoorDash DashPass

DoorDash DashPass, the perfect solution for foodies looking for affordable delivery options! By subscribing to this service, you can enjoy free delivery and slashed service fees on all orders over $12 from participating restaurants. This means you can savor your favorite cuisines from your go-to joints without breaking the bank!


As a Grubhub+ member, you get to enjoy some amazing benefits that enhance your dining experience. One of the most exciting perks is free delivery from participating restaurants. This means you no longer have to worry about shelling out extra cash just to have your favorite food delivered to your doorstep.

Besides that, being part of the Grubhub+ community opens up an array of exclusive offers and discounts that are unattainable to non-members.

Grubhub+ also partners with the Donate the Change program, which means that every time you order food, you have the chance to earn donation matches. Not only do you get to satisfy your cravings, but you also get to contribute to a good cause while doing so.

Uber Eats Pass

For just $9.99 a month, Uber Eats Pass subscribers can enjoy $0 delivery and 5% off eligible orders over $15 from select restaurants available on Uber Eats in the United States and Canada (excluding Quebec).

Whether you order once a week or once a day, this pass can save you a decent amount of money in the long run. So why not treat yourself to some of your favorite foods without breaking the bank?


Postmates Unlimited is an excellent option if you frequently order food delivery. However, if you decide to discontinue using the service, it’s easy to cancel your subscription.

Whether you use an Android or iPhone, PC or Laptop, the cancellation process is quick and straightforward.

If you are looking for other delivery services similar to Postmates Unlimited, DoorDash DashPass and Grubhub+ offer affordable fee-based memberships while Uber Eats Pass provides monthly subscription plans for frequent users.

Ultimately, understanding how each of the delivery services differ can help you make a more informed decision when choosing the right delivery option for your lifestyle needs.

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