How To Change Region On Amazon Flex

How To Change Region On Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is a groundbreaking new service from Amazon. It’s an app-based micro-work platform that enables package carriers to work flexible hours as independent contractors. What does that mean?

Essentially, it means you can work when you want to, and make your own schedule. You choose when and how often you work with packages from the Amazon warehouse. You might have noticed that when you first signed up for Amazon Flex there was a location option in the process.

If you aren’t currently living somewhere where there is already an Amazon warehouse nearby then it’s probably best that you change your location to one of their eligible locations. Luckily, this is simple to do!


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How To Change Region On Amazon Flex

Open the App

First, open the Amazon Flex app on your device. Tap Menu on the top left corner of the screen, then select Help from the list of options that appear. Then tap Contact Us > Send an Email. This will open a new message in your email app with pre-populated information about your account and request type already filled out.

Request Your Preferred Region or Pick-Up Station

In the body of the message, let them know which region or pick-up station you would like to move to. Please be sure to include as much detail as possible so they can process your request quickly and accurately. Once you’ve sent off your message, they will confirm if your pick-up station has been updated. If the area requested is not recruiting, you may be added to the waitlist. In this case, please be patient; they’ll reach out when spots become available!

Clear Your Availability in Your Calendar

Finally, make sure to clear any availability blocks in your calendar if you have them set in order to ensure that no offers are assigned to you outside of your preferred delivery area once we have confirmed back that it has been updated. You can also take this opportunity to adjust any other blocks in accordance with new driving times and locations!


Changing regions or pick-up stations on Amazon Flex is easy! All it takes is a few taps in the app and a quick email letting us know where you’d like to move next. Once Amazon Flex support team confirms that everything has gone through correctly, don’t forget to update any availability blocks on your calendar so that there’s no confusion around which area offers should be assigned too! Make sure you’re always ready for an exciting delivery adventure!

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