How to Dispute Doordash Rating

How to Dispute Doordash Rating

Doordash is one of the fastest growing and most popular food delivery apps. Riders can earn money by signing up to become a Doordash driver, in addition to being a customer who orders from local restaurants. Doordash is different from other food delivery services because it features a detailed rating system for both customers and drivers.

Riders must maintain a minimum average rating or they’re removed from the Doordash service. Users who want to leave a negative Doordash review can dispute that low score directly with Doordash so it’s revised to more accurately reflect their experience with that driver.

Here are some tips on how you can dispute your Doordash ratings and look at what you can do if you feel like you’ve been unfairly rated by any of your customers or fellow drivers.

Why is it important to dispute your Doordash rating?

Your Doordash rating is an important factor in determining if you’re able to continue driving for the service. Your rating is based on several different factors, including:

The timeliness of your deliveries: Drivers are expected to complete deliveries in a timely manner. If you’re regularly running behind, you risk receiving a low score from your customers.

Driver attitude and professionalism: Doordash customers rate your service based on your attitude and how you treat them. If they feel you’re unhelpful, rude, or not personable, your score will be affected.

Driver vehicle and cleanliness: Doordash customers expect you to arrive in a clean, well-maintained car. If your car is dirty or unhygienic, they’ll mark you down. There are also specific rules and regulations related to your vehicle, so be sure to familiarize yourself with those if you plan on becoming a Doordash driver.

How to dispute a Doordash rating

If you’ve received a low Doordash rating, the easiest way to dispute it is by contacting the customer who left you that feedback. By having an open discussion with them, you can try to understand where they’re coming from and see if the situation can be resolved. If the customer isn’t available, or you’ve tried to reach out to them without success, you can also submit a formal dispute from within the Doordash app.

  1. Contact DoorDash customer service: You can contact DoorDash customer service through the app, email, or phone. They may be able to resolve the issue for you and restore your account.
  2. Contact the DoorDash HR department: If you’re unable to resolve the issue with customer service, you can reach out to the DoorDash human resources department. They may be able to provide additional support and guidance on how to appeal your deactivation.
  3. Prepare evidence: If you’re going to appeal your deactivation, you’ll want to gather evidence to support your case. This can include photos or videos that show the circumstances surrounding the delivery, as well as any other relevant information.
  4. Complete the appeal form: Once you have all the necessary information, you’ll need to complete an appeal form. This is typically done through the DoorDash app or website. The form will ask you to explain the circumstances of the delivery and why you believe the rating was unfair.
  5. Submit the appeal: After you’ve completed the appeal form, submit it to DoorDash as soon as possible. The company will review your appeal and make a decision on whether to restore your account.

It’s important to be honest, but also consider your audience. If a customer leaves a low score based on the vehicle cleanliness, for example, you don’t want to dispute that by saying their order arrived too slowly.

How to Check DoorDash Customer Ratings

Step 1: Open the DoorDash driver app on your smartphone or tablet.

Step 2: Once you’re logged into the app, look for a button or option labeled “Review” or “Ratings.” This is usually located in the menu or profile section of the app.

Step 3: When you tap on the “Review” or “Ratings” option, you’ll be taken to a page that displays your overall customer rating and detailed information about your delivery statistics. This may include information about your punctuality, customer service, and the quality of the food you delivered.

Step 4: Review the customer feedback and delivery statistics to identify areas where you can improve. You can also check out tips from other Dashers and read specific customer feedback to help you improve your ratings in the future.

How to improve your DoorDash rating

If you’ve received a low Doordash rating, you may be able to improve it by retracing your steps and looking for areas where you can improve.

Here are some ideas for improving your rating:

  • Slow down and drive more safely: Doordash drivers are expected to obey local traffic laws, but they’re also expected to drive more slowly than normal. One of the biggest reasons why customers leave negative Doordash ratings is because the driver was speeding.
  • Be more efficient: Doordash drivers are expected to be efficient while they’re completing deliveries. If you’re taking too long, you risk receiving a low score.
  • Improve your communication skills: Doordash customers are rating you based on your attitude and how you treat them. If you’re being rude or unfriendly, you risk being given a low score.

What if you’re unhappy with your Doordash score?

If you think you’ve been unfairly rated by a Doordash customer or another driver, you can dispute that score. But if you’re still unhappy with your final score, there are a few things you can try.

Improve your driving skills: If you feel like your score is being docked because you’re driving too slowly or you’re taking too long to deliver orders, you can try to improve your driving skills. Take a defensive driving course to learn how to drive more efficiently and more safely.

Improve your overall customer service: Customers are rating your service and how you treat them. If your rating is low, try to improve your customer service by being more helpful, more personable, and friendlier.

Improve your vehicle cleanliness: Doordash customers expect you to arrive in a clean, tidy car. If your car isn’t up to standard, it’s likely your rating will be low. Clean and maintain your car to help improve your rating.

Final Thoughts

Your Doordash rating is an important part of being a driver, as well as being a customer. It helps both parties gauge the quality of the service they’re receiving and know what to expect from each other.

However, if you think you’ve been unfairly rated, you can dispute that score and try to fix any issues you think may have caused the low rating. Remember to be respectful while you’re doing this, and try to engage in an open and honest discussion with the other party.

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