How To Rate GrubHub Drivers

Are you looking for an easy and credible way to give feedback about your GrubHub driver? Whether it’s a rave review of the service or constructive criticism, rating your experience can make a difference in ensuring that everyone gets great customer service.

But before you rate your driver, it’s important to understand how ratings work on GrubHub.

In this blog post I’ll discuss the facts behind the ratings process so you can form effective and honest reviews. With information on who can rate drivers and what goes into their scores, you’ll be able to evaluate services accurately – no matter which side of the transaction you’re on!

Does GrubHub Have a Rating System?

GrubHub provide an efficient and popular system for convenient food delivery. For the mutual benefit of both customers and restaurants, a rating system is crucial. Customers are able to see how their favorite restaurant performed,both in terms of food taste and quality as well as the overall delivery experience.

Meanwhile, restaurants can rate different drivers based on their job performance and efficiency – whether they arrived on time or delivered correctly. The ratings are highly beneficial for both sides as they help to distinguish between good and bad service providers while allowing customers to choose the best option available.

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How To Rate GrubHub Drivers?

GrubHub is a great way to order food and have it delivered right to your doorstep. After you’ve received your order, though, do you know how well the driver did? GrubHub has made it easier for restaurants and merchants to rate their drivers so they can recognize superior performance.

As a customer, you can’t rate your driver but as a restaurant or merchant you can. By tracking this information, Grubhub ensures that drivers with higher satisfaction ratings will receive more orders from the restaurant.

So if you notice a particular driver does an outstanding job getting your meal to you on time and in excellent condition, tell your local restaurant!

Why Can’t You Rate Drivers on GrubHub?

GrubHub doesn’t let you rate drivers because the app’s operation makes the ratings less beneficial. GrubHub focuses on drivers’ acceptance rate to schedule blocks and get priority for better orders, so restaurants already have a tool to control which drivers are more competent.

Additionally, many problems that pop up during the process can’t be attributed to driver incompetence. For instance, if a restaurant takes longer than expected to make your order, there is nothing the driver can do but wait it out.

So in reality, customers may end up giving bad reviews to drivers even when issues arise from outside causes – thus making rating them less beneficial overall.

How Do I Write a Review on GrubHub App?

Have you used GrubHub recently? If so, take the time to write a review about your experience with the driver or restaurant. Writing a review is simple and easy to do!

Just go to the restaurant page in GrubHub and navigate the menu page until you locate the “review button”.

With just one tap, you can share your opinion with other customers.

After all, reviews from users like you help ensure that everyone gets satisfactory service from drivers and restaurants.

So if you have had a great experience, don’t forget to leave some feedback on GrubHub!

Do GrubHub Drivers See Ratings?

Despite being one of the most commonly used food delivery platforms in the world, GrubHub’s policy on ratings transparency is a bit murky.

Drivers can’t be sure if a rating system is even being applied. Restaurants who use this platform can rate the drivers, who then have no knowledge of the rating whatsoever. This means that drivers are delivering food with little to no way of gauging how effective their service is relative to other drivers in the area.

Even more concerning is that customers often use these ratings as a way to determine which driver will deliver their food next time; leaving drivers stuck chasing other forms of feedback instead.

Can A GrubHub Driver Get Fired For Low Ratings?

If a restaurant gives consistently bad reviews or low ratings, Grubhub will usually issue a warning before taking any further action.

However, certain breaches of the terms and conditions are punishable by having one’s account deactivated. This includes:

  • Delivering orders late or not at all
  • Cancelling orders that you have accepted, and
  • Generating repeated complaints from customers or restaurants.

All in all, Grubhub can fire drivers for low ratings if it is deemed necessary.


GrubHub does have a rating system for drivers. But, customers can’t rate the restaurant and restaurant can rate the driver.

Low ratings can be detrimental to drivers; they may face lower payouts or even termination in extreme cases. Nevertheless, as long as a driver meets the standards of GrubHub, they should not worry too much about their rating and instead focus on providing an overall good experience each time an order is picked up or delivered.

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