How to Use Uber Cash on Uber Eats and Uber Rides

How to Use Uber Cash

If you’re an Uber user, you may be wondering what Uber Cash is and how to use it. Uber Cash is a way to pay for your Uber rides or food delivery without having to use your debit or credit card.

You can add money to your Uber Cash account and then use it to make payments. Here’s a quick guide on how to use Uber Cash on both Uber Eats and Uber Rides.

What is Uber Cash

Uber Cash is the fast and convenient way to pay for Uber rides. It works similarly to a prepaid credit card but is tailored specifically to Uber’s services.

With Uber Cash, you can add money to your account on the app and use it as a payment method when you take a ride with any of Uber’s many transportation options. What makes it even more attractive is that cash users receive discounts, exclusive promos, and rewards.

Signing up for an Uber Cash account is effortless and it comes with the added assurance of accurate billing records so you have a detailed understanding of how much you have spent on travel. So, whether you’re looking for discounts, convenience or just peace-of-mind, consider signing up for Uber Cash today!

Can I Use Uber Cash for Uber Eats

Uber Cash is a great way to pay on Uber, whether you’re taking a ride or ordering with Uber Eats. While it’s a great way to cover your transportation costs, you may be wondering if it can also be used for delivery orders.

The good news is, yes! You can use Uber Cash when placing an order through Uber Eats. It’s easy to set up and even simpler to use – head to your app and add as much or as little cash as you’d like, just like adding credit to your Uber account. Once it’s credited, all you have to do is apply the money at checkout and voila! Your smoothie bowl or fried chicken sandwich is only an order away.

How can I use my Uber Cash balance?

Uber Cash is an intuitive way to pay for your Uber orders, whether it’s for Uber Eats or Uber rides. With Uber Cash, you can easily top-up your account with money and then apply that balance to your orders.

For Uber Eats, simply select Uber Cash when you’re checking out. Afterward, any remaining credit on your Uber Cash balance will stay in that account until you use it – no more worrying about card details!

As for Uber rides, the process is just as simple: switch to the ‘Payment’ tab in the app and add money via the same method. Once requested, the fare will be taken off of your available amount.

So whether you’re getting food delivered or looking for transportation around town, there’s nothing quite as convenient as using funds from an Uber Cash account!

Why Does Uber Cash Matter?

Uber Cash has proven itself to be an invaluable resource when it comes to saving money on Uber rides. Instead of reaching for plastic, you can apply Uber Cash promotions to your account and secure a discount on future rides.

Not only that, but if you’re splitting the fares with friends, Uber Cash makes it easy as you can pay for your portion without needing them to send you money for their share.

Lastly, using Uber Cash is a great way to pay for trips if you don’t have a credit or debit card. Simply transfer some funds from your bank account into an Uber Cash balance and you’re ready to go!

How do I set Uber Cash as my default payment?

Setting up Uber Cash as your default payment is a great way to make sure you always travel safely, conveniently and confidently with Uber! Once you add money to your account balance, you will enjoy Uber Cash benefits such as discounts when paying for rides or other Uber services.

To set up your default payment method, simply go to the Payment tab in the app and select “Uber Cash.” From here, you can add more money to your account balance if necessary and secure your ride knowing that this payment option is now your default. It’s that easy – no more digging out cash or cards on the way out the door!

How to Switch a Payment to Uber Cash

Switching to Uber Cash gives you the freedom to pay with your stored balance instead of a credit or debit card, giving you a more secure and convenient way to pay.

To switch to Uber Cash, follow these easy steps. First, tap the menu icon in your app and select “Payment” from the list. Then select the payment option you’d like to use — for this case, it’s “Uber Cash.” Once that’s selected, you’ll have the option to add funds in increments ranging from $25-$500; pick what works for you and add it to your balance. Now all future payments can be charged straight from your stored Uber Cash balance!

What Are the Requirements for Using Uber Cash?

Uber Cash is a convenient way to pay for Uber rides and Uber Eats orders. All you need is a valid email address, an account on the Uber or Uber Eats app, and a compatible device. And don’t forget – as it’s a form of payment, you’ll need to be 18 years old or older to qualify.

Once you have all of these in order, load up your Uber Cash balance from your device’s app store and use it anywhere that accepts it! It really is that easy – so what are you waiting for? Get those requirements checked off today and start using the convenience of Uber Cash!

How to Get Uber Cash

With the help of promotion codes, you can avail discounts that apply on trips when you share your referral code with friends and family.

Furthermore, first-time customers can benefit from a discount code for their initial order.

If you’re looking for an easier way to cash in on savings, then there’s also the Uber One membership which charges only $9.99 per month and offers cash back of 10-15% on Uber Eats orders and passenger rides, plus free delivery if the order is over $15.

And, don’t forget to join their rewards program. Every dollar spent gives you one point that you can use to get credits off future orders.

How To See Uber Cash Balance

Checking Uber Cash Balance is a quick and easy way to stay on top of your spending. To ensure that you have the amount you need for future trips, simply follow the simple steps outlined in the app. Start by opening the Uber app and clicking your profile picture in the upper-right corner. Then, tap either “Wallet” or “Uber Cash”; whichever one appears will direct you to the page showcasing your current balance. Once on this page, take a look at the top of your screen and you will see exactly how much credit is available to you right away. Whether you are stocking up for vacation or just looking to keep track – understanding your Uber Cash balance has never been easier.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I transfer Uber Cash to my bank account?

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to transfer this balance from your Uber account into a bank account. Instead, you must use the balance to pay for services provided by Uber such as rides on its ride-hailing platform, JUMP bike and scooter rentals, or food delivery through its partner company, Uber Eats. The takeaway here is that when you add money to your Uber Cash balance, you are essentially exchanging it for a service of some kind and can’t expect to have any spare cash left after doing so.

Can I Transfer Uber Cash from One Account to Another Account

Uber Cash is designed to be used only by the account holder who loaded the funds. It is not transferable to other Uber accounts. So, you can’t send Uber Cash someone else account.

However, there is still a way to help someone else pay for a ride or food order through the Uber app. You can order a ride or food delivery on behalf of the person you want to help. To do so, simply open the app and choose the “Ride” or “Eats” section. Put in the address of the recipient and select the service you would like for them. Then charge it directly to your own Uber Cash account balance! It’s that easy, and it’s a great way to extend a helpful gift if someone you care about is far away.

Does Uber Cash Expire?

Being able to rely on a money source with no expiration date is ideal for Uber Cash users. Uber Cash provides customers the perfect way to make transportation and other services more affordable. You can purchase funds from your app or website and have access to a variety of Uber’s services at an even better rate than normal. Whether you’re in need of airport rides, bikes available near you or some food delivered, your Uber Cash will always be there for you ready to use. Stop worrying about expiration dates and make sure you enjoy the full advantages that storing up funds with Uber provides.

Does Uber Cash and Uber Cash on Delivery Same?

No, they are not same.

With Uber Cash, users can add funds to their account in advance and use them flexibly across all of Uber’s services – including delivery orders.

On the other hand, Uber Cash on Delivery allows customers to pay with a cash option when an order is being delivered. This is great for those who don’t want to use credit or debit cards but still would like the convenience of ordering food online and having it delivered.


Uber Cash is a new feature that allows users to save money on rides and Uber Eats orders. You can use Uber Cash for both services, but there are some requirements for using it. You must have a certain amount of balance in your account to use it, and it can only be used in specific countries.

There are also some restrictions on how you can use Uber Cash, such as not being able to transfer it to other people or accounts. Overall, Uber Cash is a great way to save money on rides and orders from Uber Eats.

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