Uber Eats vs UberX: Why Do I Choose Uber Eats?

Uber Eats vs UberX

Uber has revolutionized the way we get around. Whether you’re in a hurry, running late, or just need an easy way to get home after a night out on the town, Uber takes the hassle and stress out of transportation. But what if you’re not looking for a lift? What if you’re looking for something delicious instead? Now with the launch of Uber Eats, ordering food to your door is easier than ever!

However, one question remains – should I use Uber Eats or go with its brother service, UberX? We’ll compare the two services so that you can make an informed decision about which is best suited for your needs. So read on as we break down all aspects of these two popular services from price point to convenience and more!

Is Uber X Better Than Uber Eats?

Uber Eats is the preferred choice for me, hands down. Believe me, I’ve tried my hand at Uber X here and there, but there’s nothing like having a guaranteed order show up in a short window of time and hitting ‘accept’. It may not pay as much, but the conveniences more than make up for it. No more cancellations from people who changed their mind; I simply arrive and deliver then pop back onto the platform for another possible delivery. There’s also no pesky navigation to worry about – that’s taken care of by the app, making it incredibly convenient. When all that gets thrown in with tips and surge opportunities on busy nights, it’s easy to see why Uber Eats is way better than Uber X.

Why Do I Like Uber Eats?

There are six reasons that make me set the app to deliveries only.

Preserve Your Car’s Value: Why I Prefer Uber Eats Over UberX

Preserving a car’s value is one of my top priorities, and that’s why I prefer to use Uber Eats instead of UberX. By using an UberEats driver, fewer people will be entering and exiting my vehicle on a regular basis which means my seats will remain in better condition for longer.

The process works similarly to hiring a regular Uber driver, except the meal is paid for by the restaurant. This keeps more money in your pocket as well as saves you from having strangers enter your vehicle multiple times per day.

Predictability and Flexibility: Choosing Uber Eats for a Seamless Day

Uber Eats gives you the flexibility to plan for your day knowing that you will not be abruptly interrupted with various request from customers. As an Uber Eats driver, you can make your own decisions as to where and when exactly to go pick up meals.

You have the ability to easily choose which delivery requests you wish to accept depending on the restaurant’s location and the customer’s proximity. This convenience ensures maximum efficiency with no surprises along the way helping you plan your day in a smooth and seamless manner.

Greater Control Over Work Environment

Working for Uber Eats over UberX provides an array of advantages. One such perk is the drivers have greater control over their work environment. Driving for Uber Eats does not entail face-to-face interactions with customers, which can reduce stress and provide more autonomy to drivers who prefer this type of working situation.

Plus, Uber Eats drivers can even select specific regions or neighborhoods within a city where they wish to drive, allowing them to be comfortable with the surrounding streets and highways while making deliveries.

Less Strain on Your Body

Uber Eats is a great way to reduce physical strain on your body when compared to UberX. Whether you’re suffering from back pain or need to stay limber, this service provides the perfect alternative for those who want a change of pace.

Instead of sitting for long periods, delivery drivers get out of their cars at each stop to pick up the food and bring it to its destination. It might sound like tedious work but oftentimes it can be seen as an exercise! Plus, the constant movement throughout the day keeps you feeling refreshed and active – unlike driving passengers around where after hours of sedentary work, you may feel exhausted and sore.

Effortless Movement

Uber Eats offers more effortless movement than its counterpart, UberX, as far as work hours. Rather than having to stick to traditional restaurant times, delivery drivers can choose the hours that work for their lifestyle or other obligations. This could be during the day when regular restaurants are open or late at night after most of them have closed down. This makes it a great option for those looking for flexible part-time positions and provides a fantastic way to make money whilst continuing your other commitments.

Reduced Risk of Dealing with Drunk Customers

For those seeking a safe, comfortable ride experience, Uber Eats can be the preferred option over UberX. With Uber Eats, drivers don’t need to worry about coming into contact with drunk customers. Unless they are delivering alcohol, they only deal with restaurant staff or people ordering food.

As such, it’s a much less stressful and potentially dangerous situation. Not only do Uber Eats drivers avoid the threat of loud or aggressive passengers but they also have the peace of mind of knowing that their passengers are sober and unlikely to cause trouble.

Uber Eats vs UberX Pay: Which Pay More

When Uber first appeared on the scene, many thought it would revolutionize the way people traveled. Years later, Uber has expanded to more than just transportation, with options like Uber Eats and UberX allowing users to not only be driven to their destinations, but also get food delivered or even become drivers themselves. But when it comes to earnings potential, which driving/delivery service pays most?

Drivers will make more money with UberX than they would with Uber Eats. This is because the fares associated with rideshare are longer and tend to have higher rates than those associated with food delivery.

In addition, while tips are not required for UberX rides – they’re an expected part of any deliver service transaction – which can help boost potential earnings for drivers on the Eats side of things. Ultimately both offer different advantages: The flexibility associated with ride-sharing and easy access for delivering food make both services attractive options for potential earners.

Can I do UberX and Uber Eats at the Same Time?

If you’re looking to maximize your income while driving, then driving for both UberX and Uber Eats at the same time is a great option. You can get 4-5 trips in with UberX between food deliveries, which offers excellent flexibility and the ability to take advantage of surges or peak times.

Plus, you can get rewarded for combining trips as well, depending on certain locations. It’s a great way to balance out lower rideshare pay when compared to other companies. Ultimately, it’s up to you how much money you want to make and how you manage your time. With both options combined, you’re free to be in charge of your own income potential.


Uber Eats and UberX both offer excellent services. However, as a delivery driver, I personally think that I prefer Uber Eats over UberX. Aside from preserving my car’s value, I also like the predictability and flexibility that comes with delivering food.

I also appreciate the more freedom and convenience of going out alone when delivering food items. There’s less strain on my body and effortless movement when working for UberEats as compared to what I experience with doing UberX.

Lastly, there’s a reduced risk of dealing with drunk customers who may have bad behavior or demean you in some way if you should come across them. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide which one they like best depending on their needs as a delivery driver.

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