What Happens if No Dasher Picks up Your Order

No Dasher Picks Up Order

Have you ever placed a DoorDash order, only for it to sit in limbo and never be picked up? It can be incredibly frustrating and confusing, especially if you’ve been staring at the “In Progress” status for what feels like hours.

So why is your order just sitting there without being accepted by any Dashers? In this blog post, we’re diving into the behind-the-scenes workflows that result in orders not getting accepted—and what you can do to prevent it from happening again.

How to Check Your Order Status

Ever wonder where your food delivery is? With DoorDash’s easy-to-use app, checking your order status has never been easier.

  • Simply open up the app and click on the “Orders” icon at the bottom of the screen to see your recent and current orders.
  • Once you find the order, select “View Order” to see its status bar.
  • This bar features icons that show where your food is at in the delivery process, all accompanied by a map that shows the location of the restaurant, you, and the DoorDasher.

With just a few taps on your device, you can check on your food’s journey from the restaurant to your doorstep.

Why No One is Picking Up My DoorDash?

It can be frustrating when you’re eagerly waiting for your DoorDash order to arrive, only to see that it’s still stuck on the Restaurant icon.

Unfortunately, this means that there are currently no drivers available to pick up your order. There could be a few reasons for this, such as your location, the location of the restaurant, or the time of day your order was placed. It’s possible that no drivers are available in your area, or that there simply isn’t enough incentive for a driver to pick up your order.

Your Location

Living in a rural area definitely has its perks: fresh air, space to roam, and peace and quiet. However, when it comes to ordering food delivery, it can be a bit of a hassle.

If you’ve been experiencing difficulty getting your DoorDash order picked up, it’s most likely because there simply aren’t as many drivers available in your area.


The timing of your order is crucial to receiving your food in a timely manner. If you place an order when no drivers are active, you could be waiting for quite some time.

On the other hand, during rush hours, drivers become swamped with orders and may have to prioritize the more urgent deliveries before yours.

Low Tip

When you order food delivery through DoorDash, it’s important to understand that the couriers, or Dashers, are independent contractors. This means they have the right to refuse any orders that don’t offer enough payment.

DoorDash only pays a base payment of $2 to $4 per order, with the remaining amount coming from the customer’s tip. Without a tip, most Dashers won’t accept your order because it simply isn’t worth their time. Your order may sit there until DoorDash increases the payment or someone is willing to accept it.

So, if you’re ordering food delivery, it’s crucial to leave a tip as a sign of appreciation for your hardworking delivery person. If you can’t afford to tip, it may be better to pick up your order or skip getting delivery altogether.

Enough Dasher Not Available

Are you feeling hungry and excited to order something delicious through a delivery app, only to find out that your order cannot be fulfilled due to a shortage of Dashers? This situation is uncommon, but it may happen, especially during off-hours when fewer Dashers are working.

So, if you’re ordering late at night or very early in the morning, there might not be enough Dashers to deliver your food promptly.

App Not Working

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to place an order using the DoorDash app and realizing it’s not working. Unfortunately, this seems to be a common issue for many people who use the app, and it can be downright aggravating. It’s especially problematic when the Dasher app, which delivery drivers use, isn’t working.

This means that even if you manage to place an order, there’s a chance the restaurant won’t receive it or no drivers can accept the delivery. If you suspect the app is down, checking Twitter is a great way to confirm your suspicions.

What To Do When No One Picks Up Your DoorDash Order?

It is always frustrating when you’re eagerly anticipating your DoorDash delivery only for it not to arrive. If no one is picking up your order, there are a few things you can do to resolve the issue.

Cancel Your Order

Canceling your order is always an option, although it may come with a price. Depending on the refund policies of the seller, you might only receive a partial refund.

Nevertheless, it’s better to act on your feelings of frustration than to let them simmer and eventually boil over. So, if waiting is too much to bear, perhaps it’s time to hit that cancel button and try a different approach.

Contact DoorDash

If you have a question or an issue with your DoorDash order, don’t hesitate to contact their customer service team. They are there to help and offer solutions that might not be immediately visible to you.

Plus, in some cases, they will even apply a credit to your account to make up for any inconvenience or error. So, go ahead and reach out to DoorDash customer service – you might be surprised by the level of support and satisfaction they can provide.

Adjust Your Tip Amount

Many drivers rely on tips as a significant portion of their income, and if the tip isn’t high enough, they may decide your order isn’t worth their time and expenses. This is especially true if you’re located far away from the restaurant.

By offering a larger tip, you make your order more alluring to potential drivers, potentially leading to quicker and more reliable delivery. Consider tipping at least 15-20% of your order’s total price, just like you would at a restaurant. It could make all the difference!

Can I pick up my own DoorDash order if someone doesn’t

Have you ever wondered if you can pick up your DoorDash order yourself? The answer is yes!

This means you get to take your own car to the restaurant and grab your meal to-go. However, keep in mind the time it takes to prepare your order and leave the house accordingly to avoid receiving cold food.

Another scenario when self-pickup may come in handy is when the original order gets cancelled and there are no available Dashers left. In this case, opt for the self-pickup option upon cancellation and either your order will be put on hold, or the restaurant will start preparing it again.

What Happens if DoorDash can’t find a Dasher?

You’ve been anxiously waiting for your DoorDash order to arrive. First, you checked your watch every minute, and now you’ve been glued to the window for what feels like hours. Suddenly, you get a notification from the app that your order has been canceled. What happened?

Don’t worry; if DoorDash can’t find a Dasher to pick up your order within a certain amount of time, they will automatically cancel your order.

While this may be frustrating for hungry customers, DoorDash will give you the option to either pick up the order yourself or receive a full reimbursement if you decide to cancel. It’s not the ideal outcome, but at least you won’t be left hungry and empty-handed.


Why Was My DoorDash Order Cancelled Automatically?

Nothing is more disappointing than having your DoorDash order cancelled automatically, especially if you’re in the mood for some delicious food.

However, this may happen for a variety of reasons, such as when no driver is available to deliver your meal. In such cases, DoorDash offers you a refund, but you can also speak to a customer service representative for further assistance.

Fortunately, you won’t have to wait indefinitely to see if a driver will pick up your order, as DoorDash has a 30-minute wait period before the order is automatically cancelled.

Although you’ll still have to pay for the meal if you choose to pick it up yourself, you’ll receive a full refund for the delivery fee and tip, lessening the sting of the cancellation.

How do I know if a Dasher accepted my order?

Sometimes, waiting for your food to arrive can be nerve-wracking, especially when you’re really hungry. But with the DoorDash app, you can keep track of your order’s status and know exactly when to expect it.

Simply tap on the “Orders” tab and select your order to view its status. You’ll see the estimated time of arrival and one of three stages indicating the progress of your delivery.

And if a Dasher has already accepted your order, you can even track their status in real-time to know exactly where your food is and when it will arrive. So sit back, relax, and let DoorDash take care of all your food delivery needs.


DoorDash is a great way to get food right at your doorstep and its ordering system has been mainly hassle-free. However, there may be times when you could encounter issues such as no one picking up your order.

In those cases, try to figure out the problem by understanding your location, timing, low tip offered etc., and adjust them accordingly. If all else fails and DoorDash cannot find a Dasher for you, cancel the order.

You can also pick up your own order if needed. Following these steps will ensure that you have a smooth experience while using DoorDash.

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