What Is Postmates Party and How to Use It?

Postmates Party

Are you tired of waiting for your food to arrive? Waiting can be frustrating and take away from valuable time, but Postmates Party is here to change all that. With this revolutionary new feature, users can simplify their food ordering process – saving time, money and even getting their delicious orders faster than ever before.

Developed by popular delivery service Postmates in March 2019, Postmates Party makes bold claims about its features and advantages over other services on the market – so what is it exactly?

What Is Postmates Party?

Postmates Party is changing the way people order food from popular restaurants. This new feature on the Postmates app is bringing customers together who are ordering from the same area restaurants, allowing them to save on delivery fees and receive faster delivery service.

With Postmates Party, users can see which restaurants are receiving a lot of orders and join the party themselves. The feature helps keep orders organized and ensures that the delivery time is prompt for everyone involved.

The best part about this feature is that the list of participating restaurants changes over time, so users can find new places to try and save money on delivery fees. It’s no wonder why this service has become popular in big cities across the United States.


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The Advantages of Using Postmates Party

By joining a Postmates Party, you can order food from popular restaurants in your area, and have it delivered to you and other users in your vicinity, at the same time. Not only does this mean you’ll get your food faster, but you’ll also have the chance to discover new places and share a meal with strangers who share your taste.

Plus, since the more people join a Party, the more discounts are available, you can save money while you’re at it. So next time you’re feeling like skipping the cooking, why not make the most of it and throw a Postmates Party?

Save Money

Saving money is something everyone can appreciate, and Postmates Party is here to help. With their unique feature, delivery fees are completely eliminated when you use the service. This means you can enjoy your favorite foods without having to worry about additional costs.

Even during peak hours, known as Blitz, Postmates Party is fee-free. For those who frequently use food delivery apps, this is a game-changer as delivery fees can add up quickly. With Postmates Party, you can indulge in your cravings without breaking the bank.

Reduce Delivery Time

When you’re hungry and craving your favorite meal, nothing is more frustrating than having to wait an excessive amount of time for delivery. Luckily, Postmates Party has come up with a solution to this problem: reducing delivery time.

By collecting food from one restaurant only, your driver does not have to travel from place to place, which should theoretically mean a reduced wait time for you.

While there may be unforeseen circumstances that could cause a delay, such as the restaurant falling behind on orders, participating in a Postmates party typically means your delivery will arrive faster than ever before. Say goodbye to long waits and hello to quick and delicious meals with Postmates Party.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

As we become more environmentally conscious, it’s important to look at ways we can reduce our carbon footprint. One simple solution is to order from Postmates Party, a feature that allows groups of people to order from the same restaurant at once.

By doing this, you eliminate the need for your driver to make multiple trips to different restaurants, ultimately reducing the number of miles driven and carbon emissions produced. Not only is this a convenient way to order food, but it’s also a small step towards a greener future.

How Postmates Party Works

Postmates Party is only available during select times, but it’s easy to use.

  • Open the Postmates App.
  • Tap on the Postmates Party tab.
  • Discover popular restaurants.
  • Join a Party within 5 minutes. Use the countdown timer to keep track. Select your desired items from the menu.
  • Proceed to checkout.

Enjoy $0 delivery fee, even during peak hours. Try it out and see how Postmates Party can change the way you order food.

Availability of Postmates Party

Postmates Party isn’t available 24/7 and it’s not yet available in every city. So, if you’re lucky enough to have access to Postmates Party, be sure to take advantage of it while you can. Who knows, you may discover a new favorite restaurant or make some new friends along the way!

Where Is the Postmates Party Available?

Interested in using the party feature with Postmates? Keep in mind that this feature is not available everywhere – it’s only available in select cities. Even if you already have access to Postmates deliveries, it doesn’t automatically mean you have access to the party feature and driver app.

Currently, Postmates Party is available in popular cities such as

  • Los Angeles
  • New York City
  • San Francisco
  • Miami
  • Chicago
  • Seattle
  • Las Vegas
  • Phoenix
  • San Diego
  • Philadelphia
  • Long Beach
  • Orange County

So, before planning your next party, be sure to check if your city is on the list!

When Does Postmates Party Available

If you’re a night owl who loves to order in, then you’ll be pleased to know that Postmates has launched a late night delivery service, available until 2 a.m. With a range of restaurants to choose from, you can satisfy those late night food cravings without leaving the comfort of your own home. But that’s not all – Postmates now offers a breakfast delivery service that begins at 7 a.m.

However, if you’re looking to join the Postmates Party feature, you’ll have to wait until blitz hours: lunch hours between 11 am-1 pm and dinner hours from 5 pm-8 pm. This smart feature capitalizes on busy restaurant orders and is not available during quiet hours. So, get your appetites ready and join the party during peak hours!

Why Does The Postmates Party Use A Countdown Timer?

Postmates is all about convenience and efficiency, which is why they have implemented a countdown timer for their ‘Postmates Party’ feature. This innovative tool only allows for 5 minutes to place an order, ensuring that everyone has ample time to select their items without wasting precious delivery time.

The timer also prevents an overload of orders from the same restaurant, keeping things moving swiftly and preventing anyone from waiting too long for their delicious meal.

Thanks to this feature, Postmates is able to maintain their exceptional customer service and continue to provide a seamless delivery experience.


Postmates Party is a great way to save money, reduce delivery time, and even reduce your carbon footprint. Postmates Party has made ordering food easier and more efficient than ever before.

With its ability to serve many locations across the U.S., and with its availability during certain hours of the day, it makes food delivery accessible to anyone in need of quickly satisfying their hunger.

No longer do you have to worry about finding a fast food joint close by – Postmates Party has you covered! As always make sure to check the prices on the different delivery options before you order so that you can stretch your savings as far as possible.

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